Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Musings

Yesterday after shovelling the ice crusted snow off my husband's truck, I spent most of my day playing with my blog. Thanks Shelly from This Electic It's still a work in progress. I found a blog, Blog U that had a lot of helpful information, but I still feel that I am html challenged and need to take the time to practice. But yesterday gave me good ideas for this week's Thursday 13.

Oldest son is back to college tonight after a week home on break. We had a long talk with him last night while in the hot tub about school, choices and jobs. He is a bright kid who just wants to be able to know what the future holds for him, but he is worried about the cost of school and a summer job. He did contact a former employee this past week, but they were vague about the summer. Anyways, it's hard for him to go back, b/c he likes being home which makes us feel good, but then we reminded him that being home on breaks is not really the "real world" b/c he is not working. It's basically just two more months of school.

Thinking about switching my Weight Watcher plan from Flex to Core, I need to jumpstart the loss again. Basically, Flex is counting points, whereas Core is having a list of foods and eating till satisfied. Other than that, a lazy Sunday with a walk later on.

The cats still aren't feeling the love from hubby, they want to go out on the porch to watch the birds and seem to think they can scratch the door open. (They are truly challenged when it comes to doors).


  1. Hey Jenny,
    I haven't even blogged yet, because I've been so caught up at Blog U. My back hurts from sitting at the computer. The changes I made were to switch to the Minima template & use the info from Blog U to widen each column. That may have helped the video. Trying to figure out a few other things. I can't find your e-mail address on here, or I'd contact you that way. It would be easier than the posts. I'll go look again, maybe I'm blind. Or, maybe you don't want to be contacted:-)
    Weight Watchers. Quit reminding me! I gotta do something yesterday about the pounds packed on by menopause!
    I do like your changes. How did you change "comments" to "musings?"

  2. AYIII! Talk about blog envy! I LOVE it! Now I'll be sitting at this darn computer all day tomorrow trying to improve MY site. Yes, that scribbit is wonderful. I want the sidebar with the [+] link in it. Have you found how to do that yet? Both sites you sent are great. I think the contest is over. Did you reeeally want that book that badly (lol!)? I didn't really guess where you was on my stats, and I figured it had to be you.
    Great job, girl. Do you want to design MY website?

  3. Oh for my summer Sunday walks. I can't wait till the snow melts and I can once again do those with my husband.

  4. I was pleasantly surprised to have someone besides "Chloe" leave a comment on MY blog. . . thank you!

    Although I have been sporadically writing on my blog for a year now, I don't write everyday. I recenly changed over to their "new style" of blog but that is as far as I have taken it.

    How did you learn to make your blog look like it does now? I have made websites for teaching stuff but I haven't exprimented much on this blog. I just don't want to do something stupid and lose all my blog musings.

    I guess I should investigate the site some more. Again, thanks for stopping by mine.

  5. Read your encouraging note on my blog ( and am glad I popped by yours. Really interesting stuff. I'll come back tonight to read the rest.

    Just thought i should mention that if you want to change the header width, you can look for this code and alter the number. Normally the width is about close to that of your outer-wrapper or main body.

    #header-wrapper {

    Of course the header picture may be stretched, unless you want to upload a larger one.

    Sorry if this is out of point to your musing. Please feel free to delete it. As Shelly noted, I am unable to email to you, and hence the comments here.


  6. Jenny, Know what you mean I spend hours yesterday playing with blogging
    and I think it mus be meanopause or something like that.. but it sure is taking longer for things to sink in. SHelly - I'm fighting those meanopause pounds too....good luck.


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