Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hubby's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad morning

Bad Cats
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I wish I could say these cats look innocent in this picture, but to me they look as if they are saying, " Prove it! We've been here all along."

This morning my husband got up before me and was making scrambled eggs with cheese and ham. As he was trying to pry apart the American cheese while cursing me for buying the cheaper store brand cheese, he turned around to find the black cat ( Punky), licking a piece of ham on the island. A minute before this all happening, he realized that ugly cat ( Muffin) was scratching at papers on the table, why? Because she peed on a pile of clean clothes. ( we just figured out why she was at the SPCA as a 9 mo. cat, two years after owning her - watch out for piles of clothes by washer...)

So I guess I really should have made Bub clean out the litter box yesterday before his sleep over. As far as the cheese goes, I specifically asked for Land of Lakes yesterday and told the deli person that my family did not like the store brand. I guess I need to be a little more observant when shopping.

Now I get to make my husband cheerful, I started off by clearing his car of the 10 inches of crud snow with ice, did a little more housework this morning, including cleaning up after lunch and it will just have to continue from there.



  1. Did you just change your layout, or did my computer change your layout? I thought your background was green! It's showing white now. St. Paddy's Day isn't over yet!
    As for your cats, I'm sorry but I can't quit giggling. Why in the world would your DH turn his back on a cat? I have 5 and you have to watch them ALL the time. Nothing is sacred. Check to make sure Muffin doesn't have a urinary tract infection before you strangle her.
    And, thanks for telling me to go to blog my blog. I've already been tracking a couple of folks to read. Thinking about trying that tactic after the next TT. I've already compiled it. What do you think about having people post favorite quotes?

  2. WOOWOO! I'm loving it! Go girl! Great changes!


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