Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring is finally Springing Here

Well, Spring feels like it's trying to be here. That feeling is a few weeks later than the South and a wreath that I saw at More Than a Song inspired me to do something with the plastic Easter eggs that we have collected through the years. I added flowers since I don't get to see enough of them this time of year and my mother in law made the bow for me. I have had the supplies for four days and took the time this morning to make it. Irises are one of my favorite spring flowers since they are early bloomers.

Yesterday my parents came to visit and they jumped on my family plan at Cingular, what a deal that is for all of us. We added them and my youngest and their phones were free, there is an activation fee, but it is reasonable. Now my youngest son has a better phone than his two older brothers, you do know that means, don't you? Bub cannot brag or gloat about the phone he has that takes pictures. Life as a parent teaches us a lot about being referees but as one of my education professors once said, "Fair is just a line on a baseball field". It's bad enough that he got a phone at a younger age, but it's also a better phone. I justified the purchase by calling it his birthday gift. Actually it's peace of mind for me and now he will be able to call me for rides from track practice.

Back to the subject of Spring, with snow melting in my yard and more of the front lawn showing than just over the septic tank, I feel like Spring is in the air. In the front yard, I can see the green shoots of daffodils poking through the melting ice. My sons are wearing shorts and the birds are cleaning themselves in the puddles left by the melting snow in the backyard. What are the signs of Spring for you?


  1. Hey kid, that wreath is bee-yu-ti-ful! Now if that darn snow would melt for you. Signs of spring around here are the bluebonnets beside the highways! And, the idiot tourists trying to get pictures taken amongst them---I think that will be tomorrow's blog. You gotta tell me how your family visit has gone. I posted the answer to my mystery.

  2. Great job and way to go with the Cingular plan..Very creative!

  3. I love that wreath! I've always wanted one and for some reason I never considered making on - until now! I think I may have to get creative.

    Our old Church used to hand pastel colored ribbons on the tree out front for Easter - I thought that would be a good idea too, but getting up on the ladder doesn't thrill me. Maybe next year.

    For me the signs of spring are seeing the tulips popping up outside my window here at work, hearing the birds chirping, having our first BBQ of the season and of course seeing the teeniest of God's creaturs - yep...ants!

    The snow is almost all melted in my yard, there's just a little bit in the front as it faces N and gets less sun.

    Happy Spring and an early Happy Easter!

  4. I love your wreath! And the flowers look wonderful on it, great call!
    Now if only your snow would melt....


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