Sunday, April 01, 2007

Week # 2, Five New Links to Love

Here is my second edition of Five New Links to Love, started by Shelly at This Eclectic Life. The premise of the Five links is to find five blogs through reading Thursday 13 lists that have you reading beyond the 13. The following is a random list of five blogs that I go back and read more than just the 13 for that week.

The first is Shiloh Walker's Blog. Shiloh is a romance writer with a beautiful template on her blog. I used to joke about becoming a romance writer based on the number that I have read through the years, so Shilow is living my alternative life and doing a great job of it. I particularly liked her most recent post which was a rebuttal to an ignorant man's comment about women who read romance novels.

The next blog beckoned me with the name of the blog, Twisted Cinderella, Happily Ever After, and in her list of 13 had some soup recipes. We have a weight loss journey in common and I am a sucker for recipes!

A Little Piece of Me is written by Claire who is a student in England, and she has been teaching using the 13 lists to teach us some British Slang. Claire helped me a couple of weeks ago to figure out some code on my page, it was nice to make that connection through the 13 list. I love reading about life in England from a college student, since my son may be over there next year as a student. She has a great sense of humor and has a lot of fun pictures on her site. Plus, how many Beaver leaders do you know?

I found the next blog through a comment left on mine, Turning the Pages of Life. I like Gene's profile, "Just someone who thinks that people take life way too seriously at times. No, we can't laugh and joke all the time, but neither do we have to walk around depressed because we discovered a hangnail on our left big toe. Hey, lighten up a little, slow down a bit, try taking it easy for a change". I love the comic strip at the beginning of the blog. It's a lighthearted blog and he also has some great pictures for Wordless Wednesdays.

Wacky Mommy is a mom that I can identifiy with, her posts are funny, to the point when they need to be and she sounds like a fun person to hang around with. Her posts about her family life are funny and she has a witty style to her writing. The first list that I read was about all the reasons that she had to leave Portland, Oregon, 13 reasons why Portland is lousy but now that the move is more in the future, she came up with a list of the positives without sounding like she was stuck, Why I am Happy Where I Am. Plus, for someone who forgets to cook dinner, she does have some good recipes on her blog.

There's my five new links to love and share for the week! What finds have you come up with this past week?


  1. I don't know what happened I wanted to do this too, but I only found 3 blogs to link so or I am too difficult or I missed the best, lol !

  2. Hi Jenny!

    :o) thank you! Can't claim credit for the art on the blog. I know a talented lady who does my graphics, and I love her!

  3. how fun is that? I am going to ahve to try this

  4. I just read Wacky Mommy too and thought it a good blog. I'll have to look at the others.

  5. Oh thanks for including me on your list of links to love. That is so nice. I am glad that you enjoy my blog. I enjoy yours as well!

  6. Hey i did read this when you first posted, but my grey matter became clouded with the egghunt!

    I loved this and really appreciated you mentioning me.


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