Saturday, February 10, 2007

Just Another Meal, Just a few more Points

After being sick for a week, and missing Weigh-in for a week, I was looking forward to a big loss. Boy, was I ticked! My loss was only .6 lbs and with that piddly loss, I left the meeting. I admit, it was a bratty attitude to have and my leader did say that it could be due to the antibiotics that I was taking. However, I just was not in the mood to sit there and listen to all the New Year joiners go on about their huge losses this month. That is a pretty negative attitude that I have to the whole Weight Watcher meeting thing and I know it's pure jealousy that is driving it. My losses have been so small compared to what I hear in the meetings. But then I have to look at it for the long term and I have loss over 16 lbs. and probably after this Monday, 10% of my weight in four months. To be really honest, I haven't exercised as much as I should be doing and adding that will probably help me lose the rest.
Now here comes the best part of my whole week. I have eaten ice cream just about every night this week and my weight is below 170 on my scale here! I went into the "Pants Museum", you know what I am talking about.....the folded pants that have been languishing in your closet that were just a tad too tight to wear for awhile ( a long while!). There are now three more pants that I can wear! Choices, choices, oh what a feeling!
Snacks that get me through the day
Pears 1pt
Dried Fruits/nuts - 2pts for a 1/4 cup
Bananas 2pts
Vita muffins 1pt
Yogurt - 2 pts ( hate the WW, Love Activia, Stoneyfield)
Kashi Go Lean bars - 3 pts
Peppers - cut up
Carrot Sticks
Ice cream - worth the 4 points!

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