Sunday, February 15, 2015

2/15 Clean up

 Helping with Cleanup - Depth of Field and Bokeh
2/15 Photograph Depth of Field
Focus / Rule of Thirds / Bokeh

We got out to clean up after Neptune left us another 10 inches of snow and I finally got a "people" picture for the picture of the day. The prompt was for creating depth of field with the subject in the third of the photo with bokeh in the background. Since this is the second year of doing this project, I feel that I am understanding more of the technical parts of the prompt. I got it all with the picture of my son in our driveway, using a large aperture along with space between him and the background.   His face is bit out of focus, but I love how it expresses the cold of the day. We had to time the pictures in between the gusts of wind which also made snowplowing a bit tricky at times. It was hard to figure out the best side to blow the snow. Considering how much snow we have, the driveway is still wide. 

The picture for the flickr 365 project is one that shows just how much snow we have and I like how my husband is in the background with the snow flying out of the snowblower. That is a fence on the left by the bird feeder, you just can't see it under the snow. 

46/365 Flickr - Cleaning up After Neptune

The bird feeder pictures on the left show the difference from yesterday to today. So much for the cone preventing the squirrels from reaching the feeders, but even they weren't out today. 

 The predictions for this storm made it sound like we would be stuck inside today with all their storm and blizzard warnings. For us, the snow stopped by about 11A and that's when we went out to clean up. Later on we went over to a friends' house to snow shoe on trails in their back yard and then enjoy chili. It's that whole embracing winter thing, at least in the woods, the wind was not as bad.  We had fun and only encountered one snowmobiler, my friend K's husband who was out with K who we did not see. Fun to get out of the house, and get exercise that did not involve moving snow. 

Snowshoe Fun

Clean up around the house and yes, that's a hat in the bottom right picture.

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