Friday, January 09, 2015

1/9 Multifaceted

Adapting to Another Cold Day
1/9 Photograph Multifaceted
Gifted / Varied / Adaptable

It appears that I went in a different direction for the prompt today, as most of the pictures in the gallery were of glass and jewels. I decided to take this photo this way because I would like to do the here I stand prompt from this point of view and needed one for January. Plus, this gave me the opportunity to use a high ISO for low light. Once the picture was done, I spent 50 minutes catching up with the TV show, Forever walking and then, during the commercials, I would run. Ended up with a good workout. I now have a real goal that I have to meet within the next three months and that is to lower my total and LDL cholesterol by lifestyle changes before having to go on statins. I don't think having a fasting Lipid profile test was such a good idea the day after New Year's.
After the snow, I went food shopping and came back home to take care of the snow around the house. I was told to just leave the driveway for traction on the icy snow that was underneath, but then I thought, "What would Bob do?" (my father-in-law) And the answer was to use the snow blower to take care of the 3 inches of snow. It was another good work out and the sky was absolutely beautiful, we don't get this blue on too many days here in January. As the sun was setting, it was a beautiful sky that I caught with my iPhone and edited in stackablesapp. 
9/365 Winter Sunset 1/9 Edited Iphone photography

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