Thursday, January 08, 2015

1/8 My Gear

My Photography Gear
1/8 Photograph My Gear
Around Me / In My Bag / My Hobby

Do I know you?
Nothing fancy here, just my gear on the ice box in the dining room. This was set up to include all the gear, but usually I have a couple of lens there since it's a good spot to change them out. I included the books because I always have the manuals with me and the other books/magazines are my resources. Once the picture was done, I had my camera set up and took a couple of pictures of the cats who were hanging out in the sun. Muffin looks a bit creepy since colorized the picture so that the only color is the green of her eyes. 

The day flew by and I ended up with a food shot for the flickr picture of the day. It was too cold to be out for any time with the camera, but who am I kidding? It wasn't the camera that I was worried about, I just didn't want to be any colder! 

Doesn't this look like there is a plain counter top here?  This was taken on the island with a white poster board behind it causing the counter top to change color. This should be a advertisement for Tupperware.
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