Sunday, January 25, 2015

1/25 Intent

Intent to Meet My Walking Goal
1/25 Photograph Resolve
Willpower / Resolution / Intent

Boots by the door, Ready to Go
I woke up this morning with 11 miles to go for the month, before I got out of bed, I had texted my next door neighbor to go for a walk. Runkeeper is an app that keeps me on track in meeting my monthly walking goals. Another key to meeting the goal is to make it achievable while also making it challenging. I figured that I would be doing a lot of walking in Florida while golfing, but ended up on a cart more than expected. This morning I walked another 1.8 miles and I know that I will have more than 60 done by the end of the month. And even though it was only 1.8 miles, there are more calories burned since we walked through the woods today for the entire walk. 

The flicker challenge this week is abstraction which will be a challenge for me. Today, I took a picture of the netting on the clementine box and brought it into photoshop to duplicate and rotate. I guess that would be abstract for me. 

25/365 Abstract Netting

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