Sunday, December 07, 2014

12/4 Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories- Choir Collection
12/4 Photograph Christmas Past
Memories / Heritage / Heirlooms

Before I came down to Florida, I had put up some of our Christmas decorations the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Just to make sure that I had some holiday photos for Captureyour365, I had read ahead on the prompts and took a couple of pictures that would work for the next two weeks, if needed. The picture above is one of the choir singers from my Mother-in-law's Byer Choice Caroler collections. I am not into collections, but kept this one for our Christmas display for a nice holiday family memory. My in-laws loved decorating for Christmas and this collection used to be displayed on the fireplace mantle each year. 

Today in Florida, everyone on the "Space Coast" was up early for the launch of the Orion launch, but it was delayed. It was a shame, because the sunrise was beautiful this morning. 

Alligators sunning on the River Golf Course

After a day of golf and food shopping, I went back over to my Aunt and Uncles's for leftovers and I brought over a Spicy Quinoa with Sweet Potatoes, a new recipe that I found at the Food network. It met the criteria for gluten free for me since I am in the process of cutting back on flour and sugar even though the recommendation was for me to try vegan, which won't happen for me. I am not that creative when it comes to substituting foods. I also brought over this fresh Winter Black Bean Salsa recipe that I had at my friend A's the other day that was so addicting. I added a whole jalapeƱo that I chopped in my mini chopper and this is a recipe that I will make often. 

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