Thursday, December 04, 2014

12/3 Creating Holiday Spirit Away From Home

 Creating Holiday Spirit Away from Home
12/3 Photography Construction
Put Together / Planning / Assembly

Back in Florida for our last vacation of the year to enjoy a Holiday boat parade next week. I brought these lights down thinking they would make a pretty decoration in an empty vase. However, I guess I should have looked at the length of the lights as 20 ft was too long for this vase. They ended up over the doorway out in our porch area and this picture below is the light's reflection in the outside window.

This morning I left at 5 AM and was glad that my husband was driving through the icy, snowy crap on the roads to get to the airport. I thought that it wouldn't be a full flight, but I underestimated the power of Disney at the holidays and there were at least 20 kids on the flight. I felt bad for the two guys who got stuck with a talkative 6 year old the whole flight, damn you mother for not completing the toy story download on his device! The Orlando flights are such a cluster since the families who get on near the end don't get seats together and then the stewardesses start asking customers to give up seats. Just because they spent $3000 to bring their family to the happiest place on earth and didn't pay an extra $13 for their plane ticket for early boarding, shouldn't be a problem for the rest of us. It's always an interesting flight! Just glad that I get from point A to point B and that I have ear buds to listen to music. 

Got to Florida and golfed with my Uncle for 18 holes where we took a cart. It was a perfect day to golf, not too hot, not too cool and a light breeze. My Aunt cooked a delicious dinner, using a new recipe, One-Pot Taco Casserole. Such a good, healthy and filling dinner, I found the recipe and have it pinned to my interest board. Then it was an early night to bed after such an early start. 

And for those who occasionally read this blog and have suggested that this become a crazy cat lady blog…..I leave you with this photo of Mini from the night before. 

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