Friday, December 19, 2014

12/19 Santa Anyone?

Santa Meet-Up
12/19 Photograph You Better Watch Out
Santa / Ornament / Ho Ho Ho

Golfing Santa and Skiing Santa met up in front of the Christmas tree to discuss who was going to take the 12/25 Early AM shift.  Okay, they weren't in front of the tree, just a strand of colored lights that I put on the counter about 2 feet behind the Santa's to get the Bokeh effect. I have a couple of these Santas and it's enough of a collection for me. These two represent the two big gifts that my my husband and I "gave" to each other, he has a ski pass and I have a golf membership. Works for me.

In the top photo, they almost look like real people talking to each other. It was a hard choice picking the Santa photo for the day with so many choices.

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