Sunday, December 14, 2014

12/14 Around the Neighborhood

 Around the Neighborhood- Holiday Boat Parade
12/14 Photograph In The Neighborhood
Festivities / Street / Surroundings

This prompt fit in well for the annual boat parade that was held last night. The weather was very cool and I had to put on long pants! In Florida? The condo had their holiday party and people brought down appetizers and desserts to enjoy before the parade began. We have a great spot to watch since the parade comes right down the river in front of the condos.

The lighted boats in the parade weren't the easiest thing to photograph because I had to boost the ISO which meant noise(grain) in the picture even though I did have a tripod set up because of the lighting. Now if the boats weren't moving, then it would be easier to take pictures, but then it wouldn't be a parade.

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