Saturday, December 13, 2014

12/13 Holiday Decorations

Hallway Decorations
12/13 Photograph in the Corner
Crook / Peripheral / Reflected

These decorations were on the railing in the condo halls and I had to work at getting the light reflections on the tinsel behind the ribbon. This was not a great week for me and posting pictures the Captureyour365. My husband was in Florida for the week and we were golfing everyday. I was playing catch up with the 365 photos and was too tired to post the pictures in my blog. Not whining, just explaining why I got so behind! On this particular day, we golfed 18 in Cocoa Beach and then got a great deal for another 18 in Viera and we came home during a beautiful sunset to watch the holiday boat parade at a condo party.
Duck chase on the golf course.

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