Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Catch Up 11/9 to 11/13

Different Perspective of Cruising
11/9 Give Thanks for Perspective
Viewpoint / Angle / Aspect

Today was rainy and we went down to the port for a late lunch. While there we went to the Exploration tower to watch the cruise ships head out. In between the showers, we went out on the balcony to take pictures. I thought this was an interesting angle of the ship sailing out with the white balcony in the foreground.

Spotlight on the Sky
11/10 Give Thanks for Interesting Display
Spotlight / Presentation / Exhibit

It was another cloudy day, but we made the most of it by kayaking for 5 miles in the morning and then a quick walk on the beach in the afternoon. It was my first time out on the river with a kayak that we borrowed from one of my neighbors. The water was rough out on the open river but calm enough within the channels to enjoy the scenery. 

Dressed warmly for kayaking
Quiet afternoon at the Beach

Family Visit Trip
11/11 Give Thanks for New Adventures
Details / Venture / Trip

Last week I went down to Lake Worth with my aunt and uncle to visit my parents and my aunt. We arrived to a delicious home cooked meal and then a trip to the local Faith Farm where there were bargains to be found. Unfortunately we were late for the bargains but we did get a couple of books and I got two dishes. It was fun to see where my Dad enjoys spending his time while he is in Florida. Since they are a little further south, it seems that they are getting warmer weather than us. 

Friends = Hands to Hold
11/12 Give Thanks for a Hand to Hold
Loved One / Grip / Together

Today, the sounds of young girls watching the dolphins gave me the opportunity for willing subjects. The three girls are all friends who hang out together after school in between all their activities and when I asked for a pose, they were quick to help out. When we are young, holding hands seems so natural but being able to count on helping hands as an adult equals friendship.

In the afternoon, I was invited to go along on a pontoon boat ride with neighbors. It was a beautiful afternoon and here is a shot of my favorite place in Cocoa Beach, the golf course.

Vacation Memories
11/13 Give Thanks for the Memories
Thought / Remembrance / Reflect

I have a small rustic table in our condo where I keep a guest book, shells from beach walks, dried flowers from a birthday bouquet and family pictures. I am thankful to be able to enjoy and share with friends and family our little slice of warmth from the cold of New England and this table helps to hold the memories.

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