Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11/8 Give Thanks for A Day on the Water

Great Light and Wind for Sailing
11/8 Give Thanks for Interesting Light
Shadows / Highlights / With a Flash

After looking at the forecast, my friend thought that today would be the day for renting a sailboat. We went over to Cape Canaveral and rented what we have nicknamed the "Ghetto" Bird, it wasn't the Free Bird that K had in NH, but it worked out well for our afternoon sail. After making sandwiches and a stop for some refreshments we went over to the marina where we took out a sail boat. The marina guy warned us about not sailing close to the shore to avoid going ashore and then told us that everyone gets stuck. If you do, the instructions were to just get out of the boat and push, that's how shallow the river can be. 

It was warm and we brought along the bluetooth speaker so we could l listen to sailing music, think Christopher Cross and similar soft rock music from the 70's. K has a go pro camera which takes fun videos and at some point when I get a lot of time, I hope to figure out iMovie to make a film of the day. It's a shame that the card was full on our way back in when I was motoring in while K was up front, where she was up close to a group of dolphins swimming in front of the boat alongside of us. 

Here is a short video taken while we were sailing.

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