Friday, September 26, 2014

9/26 Street Scene

Early Morning Walk Street Scene
9/26 Photograph A Street View
Path / Highway / Landscape

Just another mile in my goal of walking 100 miles in 5 weeks. This morning we were out at 7 AM and our walk is off the main road because of all the back to school traffic. ( I don't miss those days!) It was a gorgeous morning and perfect light for a picture of the beginning of our hill climb. To show how good the camera app is on the phone, this photo has only been cropped, no other processing needed.  And I finally traded in my power sucking IPhone 4S for an iPhone 6. It is great to be able to use more than one application at a time without the battery dying. The camera is awesome and I am looking forward to having some fun with it. Maybe get a lens for it? 

iPhone shot of Lake Chocura

Using the Panoramic Feature of the iPhone 6

And now that I have more memory, that means more photo fun applications. This picture below is done with the Waterlogue app.

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