Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekend Textures

Lily Pad  with kk-pinit11 at 27% opacity 

Free and Easy is the theme for Tuesday Textures, I get to pick what I want to use. This week, I am using three photos from this weekend. My aunt has flowers and garden stuff all around the yard with chairs to hang out and relax. Love this first shot with the welcome sign and the retro sumer lounge chairs ready to be used. I used a sun flare preset on lightroom for extra summery lighting.
Texture with kk_Edith at 100% opacity in Soft light

 It's been awhile since I have done the sketch/watercolor format from Ozcraps.com. This is a hanging plant on the walkway to the back door. This is a technique that I could spend hours playing around with but there are enough things going on in my life that I can go back to it occasionally. Even just posting this on the blog after working on it, I can see what I can improve.

kk-pinit11 used as the soft white paper background.

And here is the Lily Pad from above without a texture. I took this from a kayak, not an easy feat with waves pushing me into the flowers. I had to take a couple to get the two pictures that I liked.



  1. Beautiful! I especially love the shot of the lily pad.

  2. Love the watercolour so dreamy...

  3. Love the watercolor and the lily pad. Just beautiful

  4. Pretty! I really like the lily pad image.

  5. Lovely - especially the watercolor!!

  6. Lovely photos... the first one looks so inviting!

  7. Beautiful. Love the last one.

  8. The lily pad is stunning without the texture. Great shot.


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