Monday, May 26, 2014

The Flag

A Flag in our Town Cemetery
5/27 A Vision of Freedom
Flag / Red, White, and Blue / A Veteran

Today's prompt was inspired by the holiday today, Memorial Day. My husband and I stopped by the town cemetery to walk among the graves while I took a picture. I could have just taken a picture of the town flag by the gazebo, but it seemed fitting to be at the cemetery where the veterans are honored by a community group who have placed flags on the veteran graves. My intent was not to take a picture of individual graves, but to capture the moment.  Walking through the cemetery brought back memories of Girl Scouts where we used to go to a really old cemetery to place flags. I am glad that it is something that is still done.

Not much happening here today except for a lot of cleaning in the garage as we get ready for a yard sale on Saturday. We ended up with skis, lacrosse sticks, golf clubs and some Christmas lights already and I haven't even touched the basement yet. Do I think we  will sell much? Not really, but we the cleaning needs to be done.

We went over to do our food shopping this afternoon for the week and got clams to steam. It's our summer treat, although it wasn't much of a sunny weekend here. At 2:30 PM the traffic was already heavy going south with all the weekenders heading home. It was a shame that we didn't have sun, but it wasn't a total washout as we were able to get our lawn mowed, plants in the ground and the garage cleaned.

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