Sunday, May 25, 2014

Along a Wall and a Silhouette

Along a Wall Portrait
5/24 A Vision of Finished
Graduate / Along a Wall/ Student

Silhouette Golfer
5/25 A Vision of Twilight
Twilight / Silhouette / Calm

Yesterday's prompt was leaning more to a new graduate portrait, but since we had none here, my husband volunteered. The sun was high in the sky so we went to the shady side of the house where I had him pose in two different places, one in the light and one with the light behind him. We both liked how this portrait came out. He looks younger, and the blurred background looked good as a contrast. 

Today's prompt was not done at twilight but close enough to get a nice silhouette of my husband golfing. The photo was taken with the iphone4s, processed with Snapseed and touched up in Lightroom 5. We were golfing up by Lake Winnipesaukee where the golf course has beautiful views of the lake and the mountains to the north. While golfing we saw a large storm cloud forming to the south of us which made us happy that we chose the lakes region for golf today. 

For a holiday weekend, the weather has not been warm and with the showers, we didn't get to have a bonfire. However, we did get to plant a couple of the plants that we bought yesterday since this is the traditional time for us to be able to plant now that the threat of frost is gone. Tomorrow's plans include finishing up the planting and getting stuff together for a yard sale this weekend. 

Natural sun spotlight


  1. The picture of Marc is terrific. You're getting better every day.

  2. The golf silhouette is stunning, you were able to capture the moment at the perfect moment of time, actually correction, the perfect second.


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