Sunday, February 02, 2014


My Brother's Silhouette

2/2 Photograph a Silhouette

Outline / Shape / Profile

Well this super bowl is a bust in the third quarter and now I have the time to write a blog post. Today's prompt for Captureyour365 was another easy one to do given where I was. My brother's ski condo has a large picture window overlooking the mountain providing plenty of back light. This took a couple of shots because I had to be careful of the background. The first photos had the lift building in the background and the subject had to be still due to the low camera speed. I like the final product.

The skiing was good today for those who enjoy skiing. I was just fine watching HGTV in the morning and then watching my Photoshop video lessons for the week.  The guys went out at 8 AM and skied until 1:30 PM, I don't know how they last that long without eating. But once they come in, they become human vacuums and nothing is safe. All the leftovers get eaten quickly whenever we are my brother's condo.

Tonight I worked on Photoshop editing and it helped to have my son next me when I got stuck. He knows Photoshop on Windows, but it is similar to what I am using and he knows what to look for when something does go wrong for me. This is a picture that I am going to submit for this week's assignment on editing/cloning.

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