Friday, October 14, 2011

Donating our Family's Memories

Today I brought five boxes of stuff to a yard sale being held by the Marines here in town. In those five boxe, there were our VHS tapes from my children's collection. We have one VHS and don't watch them anymore, time to let go. My goal is to get rid of stuff we don't use.

The first day I started cleaning there were some tears involved as I remembered those days of using Mary Poppins as a babysitter (such a long movie), The Little Mermaid when I had placenta previa with my second pregnancy and first son was 2 and it scared the crap out of him, Winnie the Pooh and son# 2  and Mighty Ducks and son #3. Also included were the movies that grated on our nerves for bad acting and animation- Hot Wheels, Stuart Little and that one Winnie the Pooh with Cressy bird. But then I got a little militant about the number of movies we ended up with, what a racket that was. Where was Netflix when I needed it? About 20 years in the future, lesson learned: don't get sucked into new technology!

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  1. Aw,this was sweet. Mary Poppins has always been a favorite. But your post left me melancholy -- and not just because 30 years ago I went with Beta and not VHS. I worry about my books. With Kindles and Nooks and iPads proliferating all over, what will become of my beloved bound volumes? Will they go the way of VHS tapes, too? Sigh. I guess I don't do change all that well.


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