Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Compliment, Kind of, I think....

I was on the phone today with middle son, "How do you like the pictures that I sent you this week?"
"Nice pictures"he replied.
Did I just take the compliment and say thank you? Of course not. Here's the rest of the conversation:

How do you think I am doing?
He pauses and then says, "Well, you are taking pictures of trees in New England in Fall, kind of hard to take a bad picture."

Okay, so I probably took some literary license with the last statement, but that's what I heard and he's right. It's been fun taking pictures in the fall, so many colors. 

Even in my front yard, it's gone wild with flowers.

And in our woods, where some of the flowers were tossed in as weeds this summer.

But snow is in the forecast along with a frost and the colors won't last. The wind and cold will change all of that. Usually the flowers above only last a week after blooming and  I got a week more due to the warm weather.

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