Monday, July 11, 2011

This is what I get for following directions

I bought a new camera this weekend and followed the directions where it says to take the battery out when not in use. Silly me, I always have a camera ready to go in my kitchen, I know, dumb place, but it's the center of our life.

This morning when I was saying hello to all the cats and went out on our three season porch, something caught my eye! This little deer passing through to join a larger deer in my neighbor's yard. All these years of my hosta being chewed down, I have never seen a deer in my yard and now that my hostas are nibble free, I finally see a deer in my backyard. Luckily, my Sony cybershot was within reach and I got a couple of photos.

But I do wish I had my camera so I could have gotten a picture like this one of the pond I pass each day on my way to work!


  1. Love that first shot of the deer through the windows!

  2. Love the pix. We keep the camera in the kitchen, too, or in the office right off the kitchen. It is in constant use. Steve couldn't get to it fast enough the other day and we didn't get a picture of the gorgeous hawk that was circling.

    I'm convinced he was going after my tubby cat ;)


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