Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lucky Dog

Yesterday we had a couple (J &T) come up from Massachusetts for dinner with us. We have known this couple for over 25 years and unfortunately do not get to hang out with them as much as we did before we had kids. When I invited them up, they mentioned that they had a dog and could they bring him. Well, I did say that I have four cats, but since they are indoor and basically clueless about other animals, I told them to bring him on up.
The background on the dog is that he was part of a divorce where neither person wanted him since he is such a nervous pup. J being the good person that she is, heard the story and after just losing a dog that she and her sister shared (long story, but call it a well-loved dog), she and T were still missing having a dog around and took in Sonny. T is Sonny's earth, sun and universe, he just adores T and the feeling is mutual. J is just okay when T is around but Sonny adores her when T is gone. The dog is well loved and just plain lucky to have found the perfect family. Sonny was very well behaved and doesn't look like he is 10 years old.
Punky, King of the cats
And what did our cats do with a larger creature in the house? Well two were in the basement the minute Sonny came into the house. Mini checked it out when Sonny was out and Punky hung around to assert his tough guy persona, picture big fur and growling in the same room and then perched at the top of the cat condo while the dog was outside to keep him in his sights.
It was an enjoyable visit and made me miss having a dog. (Especially since I have at least one stinky cat who thinks he/she can pee on stuff!)

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  1. I am so happy that the pup has found the adoring home every dog deserves. And I am glad that you have Punky to protect you!


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