Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Football and Crocheting

Solid squares
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It's a lazy day here today. I should have gone out for a walk or something active like that. Instead, got up late and watched football while crocheting squares for Share a Square. This was an easy pattern, but even still, I had to start a couple of rows, and check my measurements with my cardboard 6 x 6 template and there were a couple of rip outs involved. The purple square finished up a ball of yarn which helps to deplete my stash of yarn.
How bad is it that I started a football pool among my immediate family? I am putting up the money and thought it would be fun for us to guess games each week and get some friendly rivalry going. Right now at 5 pm, we have a tie between Dad and Bub, with six more games to go. It's not over yet!


  1. Your sqyares are beautiful!

  2. I love sifting through all the squares you have sent! So many different patterns.

    Wish I could relate to your football mania, but I somehow avoided ever getting any interest in the game. Does that mean I'm not a "true Texan?"


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