Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Little Bit of Writing Analysis and the Rest of the Story

Two of my last three blog posts were analyzed as being similar to the way that Stephen King writes and the other blog submitted had me as Dan Brown. Sounds good to me, as both are New Englanders, Dan Brown lives on the coast of New Hampshire and Stephen King is from Bangor Maine. We were just talking about Stephen King and Maine the other night as we went to the movies with my Aunt up in Bridgton, Maine. I guess he was someplace in Maine where my aunt and grandmother were visiting for the day and a store clerk asked if they were there to see Stephen King and my grandmother said, "Whose that?". He is a celebrity in Maine, but not someone that my Grandmother would know. At least if a computer program is going to analyze my writing, I am glad that I know who the authors are and have at least read a few of their books.

I write like
Stephen King
I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Geese on Long Lake
We have spent a fair amount of time in Maine this past year but haven't run across Stephen King yet, although we did drive by a cemetary on a road from Bridgton to Sunday River that was in the middle of no where, not a house for a mile and here's this graveyard with tombs and levels of tombstones, not a place to hang out at night and definitely a spot where a Stephen King book could take place.
You can see more of Maine driving on the side routes, than on Rte. 95. Besides lakes and oceanfront with vacation home cabins and McMansions, there's also side roads with little towns and beautiful scenery where you see all ranges of homes/lifestyles. You have the "yankee" yards where the home owners have kept every piece of machinery that has ever belonged to their family in the front/side/backyard. Because as you know, you might need it sometime. Then there are homes with huge gardens and homes set in the woods with little dirt roads heading off into the woods where others want to live off the beaten track. The contrast comes when we get to Sunday River where there are mansions clinging to the sides of hills for those who ski in the winter or come up to golf in the summer, when down on the roads leading into the ski are, there are a couple of homes barely standing.
View from Sunday River Golf Course
Sometimes you drive through an area and ask yourself, "Could I live here?' And rarely is the answer no in Maine. The only drawback for me, a wicked long winter, November to April, but the summers are beautiful. What's not to like? Maine has mountains, lakes, woods, ocean and if you want city life, as Portland is a fun place to hang out. It looks like Stephen King and I have something more in common than just our "writing style", we also share an appreciation of Maine. (And the writing style part of all of this? I take web site analysis with a grain of salt.)

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