Friday, May 07, 2010

You Just Never Know

Retro road
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Today we learned that one of my son's former teammate died in a motorcycle accident. Great kid, always had a smile, was in his second year of college and in ROTC. We have been fortunate in our community and this has just hit home how tenuous how life can be. Just like getting off a plane and getting a blood clot in you lung, you just never know.

It's a reminder to me that life is temporary. We will remember Stephen as the kid with the smile, no matter what the game. I called all my sons not at home to tell them that I loved them and to listen. A foreclosed apartment in the last month of college is really not a big deal after all.


  1. You done good. Sorry for the loss of this fine young person.

  2. Wow! You have certainly been receiving some very serious messages from Life lately. Sobering.


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