Sunday, May 09, 2010

7 down, 1 more to go - Prom

Prom 2010
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The Junior-Senior prom was last night and now that I am on my last high school son, I finally wised up. Instead of renting a tuxedo, we bought a suit and next year as a senior, he will be all set.
The kids lucked out and a day of rain ended in time for outside pictures. After pictures at 5:15, they were then off to the high school to take buses to a local hotel for dinner and dancing. What started out as two couples hanging out here afterwards, turned into 9 eating, going in the hot tub, eating, watching a movie and finding couches, floors and empty beds to catch a couple of hours of sleep. It was easy since Bub's date, who will be graduating this year is a pleasure to have around and a help. Especially this morning at breakfast. Other parents were very happy that the kids had a safe place to hang out and I just liked the idea of knowing where Bub was. They are all great kids and I didn't mind staying up until about 4 am.
Next year will be the last prom for us. Time flies by quickly. I wonder if my son will ever go for short hair. My oldest changed his hairstyle once at college....but I sure would miss those "flowing locks" when he runs.


  1. Having prom on Mother's Day weekend probably made it all the more sentimental for you. (Even at 4:00 AM)

  2. Sounds like they had a wonderful time.

  3. Ahhh. Prom nights. We never hosted the overnights, since I fall asleep with the chickens, but I always appreciated the brave souls who did.


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