Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Would the smell of Chocolate be enough?

Listening to NPR yesterday after I devoured 8 too many Thin Mints, there was a story about Le Whif, an inhaler for chocolate lovers. (For coffee lovers, there's even a coffee inhalant)
But really, could the smell of Le Whif ever be enough? Maybe, if you are that much of a chocoholic, check out the web site and let me know....would it be enough for you? I would be willing to give it a try, but then I see a vision of me under my desk at work, high on chocolate and non-stop whiffing.

On that note, yesterday, I just went overboard with the thin mints and had grilled cheese for dinner, still saw a loss on the scale. Maybe I just needed to jump start the calories. Back to counting today and to the Wii EA Exercise, can't use the excuse of no power.


  1. I used to like thin mints but they don';t make them as good anymore -- do you remember when they had a big layer of mint on top of the cookie? I am a Samoa nut now. The other kind I liked they don't produce anymore Bt then,mm I am not a chocoholic. I do like chocolate licorice but the stores stopped r it here.

  2. Anonymous12:23 AM

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  3. Paulie- chocolate licorice? Haven't seen that, but I do love black licorice!
    I do like the Samoas, but I am the only one in the family who does, do guess who would eat the whole box???

  4. Thin mints don't call my name. But, isn't there all kind of research now saying that a tiny bit of dark chocolate each day is good for you? Or, am I trying to find justification?

    How do you like the Wii? I have debated getting one, but figure it might get lonely on the shelf. It wouldn't work as a coat rack, like my Nordic Track does :-)

  5. Thin mints, grilled cheese AND weight loss? You are a machine, Jenny. A thin-mint powered, fitness machine, and I salute you!


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