Friday, March 05, 2010

Blogging in the the movies

Well, I never finished the book Julie and Julia because I thought Julie was wound a tad too tight for me to get through the book. However, I kept the movie on my Netflix and on Wednesday afternoon, I had a little Chick flick fest with Julie and Julia and the Proposal. My dear, sweet husband is a patient guy who would have watched the movies, but the Bruins are back on and I know he enjoys the games, so I watch my chick flicks on my afternoons off. Sometimes my youngest son watches and makes comments, and it's turned into a nice time together.

Okay, so back to the movie, can I just say that I love Meryl Streep? She was my favorite part of the movie and I do have a sixth degree of separation to Julia Child. My dad once fixed one of her appliances, met her and even asked her if she had seen the skit on SNL that that they had done on her. During the movie, I thought of that story and if Meryl Streep was true to Julia, then I could see her having that conversation with my Dad. The blogging aspect of Julia was too much for me, only because I know that I have less than 7 regular readers and that's okay. I am not about to throw a nutty, because I think I have let "my readers" down if I don't blog every day or week. Blogging for me is just the opportunity to write creatively without writing for a grade. It's my voice among many. But poor Julia made blogging seem painful as she set a goal and wrote about it daily. I wonder though, if she had done the blog nine years later, would it have become a book and a movie? Or did she just know the right people in New York to get it noticed?

And yes, I enjoyed The Proposal. Betty White and Sandra Bullock are fun to watch and it was entertaining. Any other good suggestions for movies?


  1. You have seven regulars huh? Think you got me beat. It's not about numbers, now is it? If it is we best get crackin.

    Haven't seen a movie in months. Poor me. lol

  2. I saw Julie and Julia on the big screen in theater and loved it! I like that they tied blogging into it. I try to blog each day but if I don't, I don't worry about it. Sometimes it si hard when the sun is finally shining and there are many walks to take. Ü

  3. I don't sign up for being a follower either -- those that do, where are they? I have 12 followers on one blog and 10 on another but hardly ever get that many comments. I had one person tell me they follow me in their reader -- lot of good that does for me. lol

    Happy blogging how you wish.

  4. Thanks Paulie and Janey!(And I think it's less than 7, LOL)

  5. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Once upon a time back when it was called "online journalling" I had a rather popular online journal that I started in 1998 (way back when) and I ended up, at my most popular with 275 subscribed readers. I know there were more actually reading because I had a counter on my site. I'm -not- bragging, I just had to say that writing online really does take on a whole new tone when you know there are a lot of people reading. I also used to get a lot of "hate" emails as well as the adoring kind. I now have, at most 16 readers and probably about 4 readers at my weight loss blog and I like it a lot better that way! No pressure.

    I grew up close to where Julia Child grew up and I started watching her show on PBS when I was in my early teens. I've always adored her. I didn't care much for the movie but there's an amazing book about her called Appetite For Life that I enjoyed very much!

  6. I don't sign up for things like following. Because I'm a rebel ("and I never-never do what I should," c'mon, sing with me!). But you know I'm reading.

    Your husband sat through a pair of SERIOUS chick flicks, and I think his place in heaven is now assured.

  7. I didn't read the book, but found the blogging part of the movie painful, too. Nine years later? Nahhh. It wouldn't have been a hit. I laugh hysterically when people ask if I make money blogging. It's about the writing and self-expression. Period.


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