Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Skiing- Hey, I Actually Enjoyed It

Every February vacation we head up to Sunday River for a few days of skiing. Up until 3 years ago, I would go out every day. Then, after  having a yard sale crash at Killington, I decided that I didn't love skiing, I only went out once a year. (yard sale crash - when a skier falls and their equipment is strewn about the slope) However, this past weekend, I went out again and enjoyed it. Just did my own thing, had great form and went my own speed. And considering that 2 weeks ago, I was limping, I did great, but only stayed out for the morning. I probably baby myself too much when it comes to pain, but at my age, why push it? My only regret is that I did not bring out my camera with me this year since the views were spectacular. (The picture above is me last year)
Given how much I enjoyed myself, next year, if I am still part time, I think I am going to sign up for one of the women ski programs that they have at our local mountain. It would help for me to build up my confidence.
So two books read, 1/4 of an afghan square done, chick movie and time spent with my brother and my family, I can say it was a great vacation. ( I kind of want to go skiing again, thought I would never say that again)


  1. Good for you setting your own pace and enjoying yourself. Back in the day, like 20 years ago, I always tried to keep up and hated it! No way my bones would get me down the mountain now but I'm wise enough now like you to slow down and enjoy the moments your standing. lol

  2. I am so envious of you and your snow. But it is snowing today in Vancovuer BC so maybe there is hope for us yet here in Vancovuer, WA. . . do ya think?

    Glad you had such a terrific time skiing and enjoying family.

  3. How great that you "got back on the horse" to mix a metaphor. I never got very good at skiing (it's hard to stand up again when I fall because of the arthritis). I envy you, though.

  4. First of all, thanks for defining "yard sale crash." Secondly, congrats for getting back out there! Even better, you conquered your fear enough to have a good time. Skiing, afghan, quality family time, chick flick and books ... what more could you ask for?


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