Thursday, November 19, 2009

Helicopter parent- who me?

Can someone tell me if it ever becomes easier being a parent? Such a shame that the easiest part of parenting is when the kids are younger and you're so busy chasing after them and making them eat vegetables, that you don't realize how easy it is. (For example- this may be one of 10 times my son has worn a buttoned up shirt with a collar.-->)

It's when they are older and far from home that it becomes harder. Part of me just can't let the bossiness of being their mom let go of still trying to make sure that they do everything right.

Here's an example....son is in Georgia finishing up his first semester of college and will be coming home tomorrow:

Me: Now you only have about an hour between flights, so make sure you get to your next flight quickly.
Him: Yea, I know.
Me: You know how to find your gate with your flight number, right?
Him: (big sigh heard, perhaps he's banging his head on the wall and I can't hear it?) Mom, I'm not stupid, I have flown before and stop being a helicopter parent. I read CNN and I know about parents like you.

Well, I sure hope he enjoys that greyhound bus ride if he misses his flights tomorrow. Maybe I should call him tomorrow morning??


  1. Thanks for the chuckle, helicopter Mom. Love it! Happy Thanksgiving.

    I am sorta back to blogging after my terrible ordeal with back pain and strong drugs to relieve it.

  2. I just read an article in TIME about you hoverers! The illustration was a photo of a boy covered in bubble wrap. I know if I had a kid, I'd be that kind of mom myself.

    Besides, it's your son's duty to be *exasperated* with you. Just like it's your job to annoy him. It's nature.

  3. I've seen helicopter moms, and you don't qualify. If you really wanted to hover, you would have gone with him :-).

  4. That is perfect! I may do a bit of 'helicpoter' parenting as well but it has always seemed necessary. I think my kids are a lot less street smart. I know I've done this way too much and I don't know if it benefited or harmed, but I know if I had it to do again - I would probably try to do it a lot less. That being said, it's darn hard to not do it, it's just what good parents want to do.


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