Friday, April 10, 2009

Did you Miss me?

What has life been like? I thought this deer caught in the headlights pretty much sums up how I have been feeling. Work is insane with a lot of projects this spring, middle guy picked SCAD as his college, youngest is doing track, hubby was in California this week and we have our trip to London very soon! ( 3 deer avoided yesterday, must be the season of love for them)

My trip driving down south with my parents went better than expected. My Mom confiscated my ipod with her noise reducing headphones and my Dad and I drove 1500 miles listening to soft rock on satellite radio. I was a little punchy with all that mellowness by the time we reached Florida, but a few hours poolside cured that right away. The best part of my mine vacation was the four books that I read. I got the call this week from my parents begging me to come down to help them drive back, this time I got smart...they are going to pick me up in Jacksonville, so I get to miss the entire drive through Florida. Now if I could bring knitting needles on the plane...I could get a lot of knitting done on the ride back.

It was my birthday this past week and I bought myself an Iphone, I justified it by the fact that my other phone was being held together by duct tape and ceased working yesterday. Can I say that geek that I am, I am in love with the phone? Guess I will be working an extra shift or two each month to justify the internet.

Here's a picture of the lovely flowers that my oldest son had sent to me, it's now on the mantle since one the fattest cat decided that flowers were now a required food in his daily diet. I love the smiley mug.

To make my blog more than "this is what I ate for lunch"'s my deep thought for the week: Short waisted pants (hip huggers is what we used to call them) should be outlawed since only 2% of women can wear them well. Or maybe we weren't as chubby as people are now?


  1. Happy belated birthday! (My son's is on Easter again!) Do you feel older?

    I have missed your blogging.

    Heck, they should buy you some knitting needles when they come in the car to the point you are meeting. Just bring the yarn.

    Hope your trip to London is wonderful!

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm jealous of your trip to London. (We'll have to call you International Jenny McB.)

  3. Ack! I missed your birthday! Happy belated. I like my iPhone, but not being the techie that you are, I haven't explored all of it's possibilities. Basically, I'm paying an extra $30 a month for GPS. Don't have many apps downloaded either. I should get YOU or Marcia here to help me figure it out.

    I don't guess you want to drive to Texas (wink, wink).


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