Friday, March 20, 2009

Just Another week in Paradise

Sometimes there are weeks that just make you go uh? First day of spring and we still have a ton of snow in our yard, it's mocking us!

I My senior son got into two colleges this week. Those would be the two that we had make him apply to in order to leave options open. Smart it's decision time and it's up to him to figure it out. If he wants to take out a huge loan, it's his choice. Kind of a liberal thought, but it's what will work for all of us here.

Youngest is in the midst of a social whirlwind, which he would have missed out entirely if we had let him quit Nordic this year. Maybe being a member of a state champion team might have something to do with it. But it's nice to see him going out to dances and movies with a good group of kids.

Work- can I just say that I am way too old to be on my feet all day? If I could only have the feet of a teenager again, life would be simpler. The only place I feel my age is in my feet. I have been working some extra shifts in another department to save up for our trip to London this month. Any good ideas for sites to visit or avoid in London?

The economic news? AIG???? The paid bonuses to keep talent? With that kind of talent they should all be let go. Can you imagine if the rest of the world was paid the same way?


  1. Just a suggestion, but have you tried Earth shoes? I bought them for my arthritic feet and ended up with a pleasant surprise, my back doesn't hurt near as much as it use to.
    I don't know how I ever lived before them. I now own two pair and will be buying a summer sandal or shoe soon.

  2. Hopefully your feet will recover soon. I wish I were there to enjoy more snow but I shouldn't be greedy sicne we did have 20 tiems it snwoed this winter and that set records for this area. . .

    I hope you have a great trip.

    I jsut wish I could have half of the lowest bonus that was given to these people. I would be very happy. No, I didn't earn it but neither did any of them.

  3. I don't have any recommendations for what to see in London, but how to travel. My best friend's wife and kids were just ENCHANTED by the Underground. They're from Denver, and seeing all the diversity in one subway car, hearing different languages spoken (other than English and Spanish) was captivating to them and they believe they got a better idea of what London is really like from taking the trains.

    I wouldn't mind having my teenage feet back, but that would be all. As I read about your younger son, I remember how fraught with drama and danger and complications teen years are!

  4. When you get a chance, come on by for a special gift.


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