Sunday, December 28, 2008

And Then Laziness settled in

Was it really just a week ago that I was wigging out about things that I had to do for Christmas? A week later and the couch and I are one. I got two knitting books for Christmas ( One Skein Wonder and Luxury Yarn One-skein wonders) along with a gift certificate to my favorite local yarn shop, yet I haven't picked up a needle yet. There's a pair of mittens begging to be finished and I have ignored them.

So what have I been doing? Read three books, with Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver being the winner. She writes the best books about dysfunctional families and making the most of what you have around you. Her descriptions of Arizona make me want to visit and it was a great way to spend yesterday morning. Then there was the Regency romance of The Ideal Bride, the only thing going for that, was the large print. Today I finished Loop Group by Larry McMurty and his characters are beyond dysfunctional, truly whack jobs and it was just an okay book. That makes about 48 books in Librarything for me since May which makes the 52 books in 52 weeks an easy challenge for me on Ravlery. I just will need to find some books and new authors to read. Any good suggestions out there?

My husband gave me a what the heck gift...a paint brush, gift certificate to Lowes and a beige paint chip. With help from the Interior designer next door, our family room will not be beige and I am leaning to a light gray. The whole picking a color is one of the most painful things I have to do and my house will never be in any magazine spread for design. Unless of course they come up with Surburbia Clutter as a style. Seriously, there's three pairs of boots and slippers kicking around the family room along with two cat baskets, tv on a trunk, snow board, 2 backpacks, one empty snowboard bag, knitting bags and 13 year old plaid furniture which the cats have claimed as scratching post/leaping point/sleeping areas. What is it about Christmas that when stuff (gifts) come in, I just want to get rid of stuff?


  1. I love that phrase, that you and the couch are one. I feel the same way. And if Suburbia Clutter magazine sends a photographer over to your place, let us know. I'd love the reassurance that it's not just me who can't keep up with the paper and shoes and magazines and ...

  2. I finished The Girl with No Shadow, by Joanne Harris. I really enjoyed but the end was a bit predictable.
    I'm not good at doing reviews or rating for that matter but you can always check in at library thing to see what I'm reading.

  3. Got here via your Rav link and our back-and-forth.

    If you want decently written bodice-rippers with a good bit of French historical content, see if you can find the Angelique novels ( I had no idea they were so difficult to find, but you might also check used bookstores and eBay. These were my 'guilty pleasures' in college - pretty racy for 1969-70.

  4. CatbookMom- Thanks for the recommendation. I probably read a few of those some years ago, my memory for books is awful. Based on the titles, I think I will just look for the author at the library!

  5. Hey, this is the first I've heard about Library Thing, thanks, Jenny.

    Painting? Ambitious, that.

  6. Catching up . . . think I left comments on 4 posts below.

    If you like mysteries, have you tried Diana Mott Davidson. She writes culinary mysteries and I can't remember if I recommended her before.

    Have fun painting!


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