Thursday, July 03, 2008

#46 Thursday Thirteen Random Things

Thirteen random things that I did this morning, my day off.

1. Went golfing at 7 am with a friend and the grass was wet. It was nice to have dry socks and shoes waiting for me in the car.

2. Took my golf clubs out of the car and actually put them where they the garage and not the back of my car.(notice, not a single word yet about how I did golfing--> bad day of golf)

3. Noticed some of my tomato plants drooping from the rain yesterday, stuck in sticks for that rustic look.

4. Contemplated moving some of the plants in my front yard to prepare for the walkway we might make this summer, did pull up a couple of weeds.

5. Picked up pathetic cat who hates being held.

6. Finally hung up the hummingbird feeder off the back porch.

7. Filled the bird feeder to hang also which is safe to do since it is at least 15 feet off the ground away from bears.

8. Sat out on the back deck to drink some more coffee while reading the paper.

9. Hung out a load of laundry since I couldn't resist the sun and the breeze. I love the smell of sheets dried on the line.

10. Folded the load of laundry that I left in the dryer from last night.

11. Made myself a swiss cheese, ham and pickle sandwich.

12. Checked my email from work.

13. Spent at least 30 minutes trying to figure out how to make the TT 13 banner. That's Mini in my chair which is right by one of the bird feeders, she's sound asleep now. Speaking of sleep, it's now after 12 pm and I guess I should get my sons up...Happy Thursday and Fourth of July !!

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  1. I love sheets dried on a line as well!

  2. I want to hug your kitty.

    I'm sort of like you lately: looking at things and thinking about doing them, but not doing them. Life is easier this way, but that mulch pile is starting to bug me. Ugly thing.

  3. #11 is especially interesting to me because this morning -- for the first time in ages -- I had *such* a craving for a ham/cheese omlette. Is an overwhelming desire for ham and cheese sweeping the country?

  4. Nice collage about all those things you listed - well many of them anyway! Looks like you had a busy day.

  5. Sorry your golf game wasn't great, but you know what they say? Your worst day on the golf course is still better than your best day at work!

    I actually matched my personal best score today! Exciting!

  6. It sounds like you had a very productive day:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by....

  7. you made it to golf this morning! Congratulations - I dream about the time my kids will be old enough to stay by themselves so I can sneak in a golf game.

    And, thanks for the reminder about the hummingbird feeder, I really must get one up in the back yard, we have a couple of regular hummingbird visitors.

    Happy TT and thanks for visiting my first edition!


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