Friday, May 23, 2008

TGIF - It's My Day Off, Tee Time

Yahoo! Finally got out golfing again this morning and it was funtastic. Typical New England weather, breezy, some sun, some clouds and on the last hole, a little rain. Breezy- was all good, no mosquitoes to worry about. At times, it felt like I was hitting into headwinds. It helped that I got there early enough to hit a small bucket of balls, just enough to adjust the left trajectory of all my shots. To go by my score, it wasn't the best morning, but to go by individual shots, it was awesome.

The big mistake was me reading work email this afternoon, all it took was just one email that got me riled up. Then I did the big no, no, letting my emotions write the email and then hit the send button. Why not, it can't hurt to stir the pot from the comfort of my chaise lounge on my porch.

Holiday weekend, any big plans out there? We have a free Saturday, no track meets, nothing, and I hope to get my back garden cleaned up.


  1. Glad you finally got a day off and had some fun. I bet your garden will be lovely!

    I am moving out of my large storage unit into a smaller one. Fun stuff. lol

  2. Uh-oh! When your emotions wrote that email for you, what did they say and who did they it to?

    Today I escaped to get a most fantastic hour-long massage. But that was just a short respite from The Weekend Challenge. I am a horrible packrat, and my best friend has challenged me to fill four bags for Goodwill this weekend. So far I'm keeping pace.


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