Monday, May 12, 2008

Bringing in the Money

It's been busy, but I have also been procrastinating due to being bone tired at night. We are running just a tad short in one department of the lab and I have been making some serious bucks by working 8-16 extra hours a week covering until the new hires are trained. Just some quick observations:
  • I ain't as young as I used to be, standing for 5-6 hours handling multiple specimens, answering phones and questions is something that I feel later on that evening.
  • Phone skills- I used to be able let people go on, by I feel like most people calling, sound like the girl on SNL. "Hi, I'm a nurse on blah floor and my patient had to go to the bathroom and then the doctor came up and changed the order. We can't draw him, the moon is in the seventh phase, I have a headache...." And I'm like, WHAT DO YOU WANT! JUST TELL ME IN 20 WORDS OR LESS--Better yet in 10 seconds.
  • No, really, I become hyper polite and perky on the phone, it's a game I have learned through the years. "When will my stat crossmatch be ready?" Me: Just as soon as I can get off the phone to finish it. I do try to be polite, but it's that imaginary conversation in my head that would get me in trouble if I ever let it out.
  • Break time is 15 minutes, not 30 minutes and work starts at 6:30 AM. That means you pick up your little old phleb tray and get out and draw some blood.
  • The phone, when it rings and I am pouring urine, that would be a signal for you to answer the phone. Three phones, three people working and why am I the only one answering the freaking phone?
  • When I tell you to write on the requisition what you received, do it the first time. Don't act shocked when I tell you the next day that this is required.
Why am I subjecting myself to the extra work? It just doesn't make sense for me to market the place if we are having a problem with receiving and processing. The best part of working in the trenches, are the other lab techs, my warrior angels- when I call out for help, all it takes is one or two extra people to get through a "whoosh" moment. (Whoosh moment: a period of time when specimens are pouring in from everywhere, pnuematic tube, courier coolers and satellite drawing sites) Lab Techs are the best at team work and jump in to get the work done. It's the non- techs that need the extra help and guidance to develop a better work ethic. I'm sorry to say, but the workers who are in their twenties are getting a bad rap b/c they in the me versus us generation. (not everyone, but it is a different work world out there)

This past weekend was the prom and my son's girlfriend got her whole outfit for under $9 at the Salvation army. Too bad we didn't look there for the tux. She wore black and my son wore a black tux with white vest/tie and a black shirt, they were sharp. Here is a picture of the wrist corsage, it was gorgeous. It's nice to feel that your kid will behave on that particular night and come home when expected.They had a great time and oh by the way, she slept over in an extra room and was the first to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.

My Mother's day gift was 1.5 hours of "hard labor" by my two youngest in the front garden. The non stop barrage of verbal excuses and complaints was received with great humor. From one son being traumatized by the poor little worms being displaced to the other trying to figure out what were plants and what were weeds, it was endless comments. I loved having the physical help, and endured enjoyed the company. Now I just have to order in 4 yards of bark mulch, I wonder if I will get help with that


  1. you have that sickeningly sweet phone voice, dont you?

  2. Why yes, I do...I pride myself on the utmost in politeness in my tone and helpfulness.

    You just don't want to know what my mind is saying.

  3. Hmmm, go F#&K yourself?

  4. Well, here I thought you were vegging out on that TV show since I didn't see you blog since you wrote about it. lol

    Don't spend all that extra money you are earning for overtime in one place. . .

    You might get help with the mulch IF it were next Mother's day. . . Ü It will probably take the kids that long to recuperate. lol

  5. Happy Mother's Day! Your sons look so ... cool. I'm surprised you have a worm-a-phobe in the bunch.

    Because of my mom's hospital stay, I have spoken to many of her nurses. My favorite is Donna. No nonsense, but with great humor. I know hospitals aren't hotels, but I was wondering if there was a "check out time." When she finally figured out what I was asking so awkwardly, she laughed and said, "No, this isn't like a daycare center. We won't just leave your mother on the curb at 5:02. Someone will notify you of her release, I promise." She was so warm I didn't feel silly. And let's' face it, neither of us wanted to be on the phone very long. She was great.

  6. Welcome back to the blogosphere. I have missed reading you.

    Hang in there!

  7. Wow! You have been busy.

    That phone voice bit makes me wonder what conversation was going on in your mind when you and I spoke on the phone!
    And, the corsage cost more than her outfit!!

    As for help with the there another Hallmark holiday coming up? If not, forget about it unless you can blackmail them.

    I wish you had been the one sticking me during all these blood tests, but you don't have the time, do you?


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