Saturday, February 09, 2008

What Can Happen When you Blog

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I am almost into my first year of blogging frequently. The blog was started in January of 2006, but it wasn't until last March that I really started becoming a regular and "meeting" people through blogging. Shelly Tucker (This Eclectic Life) and I started about the same time and were looking for help in improving our blogs. We had different goals for blogging and like anything else, those goals took on a life of their own.

We hooked up with Teamouse who crochets and knits as a hobby. It was Tea's hobby and her knitted dishclothes that arrived in Texas which struck a creative nerve in Shelly last summer along with a post at Your Mirror or Mine where Phara wrote about her son receiving a quilt at summer camp. It was a Camp for Pediatric Cancer patients where all 60 campers received a handmade quilt, and it was this post that started Shelly off on Share a Square, read her first post here, and check out the update page at it's own website now. Shelly asked for 6720 squares and has surpassed that amount by the generosity of bloggers around the world to make squares for the summer of 2008 campers at Camp Sanguinity in Texas which will be about 140 campers. Shelly is still in need of people to add the black rim around squares and/or sew the squares together to make an afghan.

Because each square comes with a tag from the person who made the afghan, other bloggers have come up with an idea to make bags for kids to save the tags. The first child to receive the afghan really enjoyed going through the tags and the idea of creating special bags evolved for the tags. Purple Moose Gazette and Yellow Rose will be accepting 70 bags each. If you go to Yellow Rose's site, there are directions for different types of bags, from crochet, to knit, to sewing. If you would like to contribute a bag to the project, please check them out. smallbutton.jpg

So how does blogging, an afghan charity project, and the strip hat connect? Well, if it wasn't for blogging, then I wouldn't have learned how to make a granny square which sparked the latent hobby of knitting for me. You see, once upon a time, we didn't have laptop computers or even a desktop computer and I used to knit sweaters for my family. The Share a Square project along with TeaTime Ramblings knitting posts has gotten me crocheting and knitting up a storm. My flikr craft badge has all the "stuff" that I have crocheted/knitted within the past 8 months. The striped hat is the latest and I just loved using the self striping yarn. Once I get this afghan done for Shelly, I have plenty of projects lined up to keep my fingers busy. (Shelly, I can do another one or rim some squares once I send this one off) What has blogging brought out in you this past year? Any creative lightning strikes? A new recipe? A different outlook on life?


  1. Hey, cool that you've refound the fiber arts!

    Me, I've come up with all sorts of new characters -- and added depth to the old ones. I'm having such a ball blogging, it's really not fair that I'm not a top-rated blog. I want to share the fun with everyone!!

    (but on the other hand, I'm glad I'm not a top-rated blog 'cause then I'd spend all my time replying to comments and no time writing, which is what I'm really here for.)

  2. I don't care if I am a top blog or not. I started out in march two years ago and blogged here and there. Now, unless blogger is giving me fits, I blog daily. I don't just write because my name on blog has to do with postcards so what good is a postcard without a picture? lol

    I have been making lots of hairpin lace crochet things for charity also. Working on a colorful baby blanket presently. hoping to make some things for sale this fall at a booth. I already know one person that want s a maroon red neck scarf.

    Good to see you blogging again. I worried about you having snow problems when you didn't write.

  3. Thank you Paulie, I am just busy crafting more than before. The snow this year has been record breaking, but manageable.

  4. Happy first blog anniversary! Here's what I have gotten out of blogging -- I have more in common with other women in other parts of the country than I thought. Two of my favorite blogs are yours and Book Mama's. Your lives are very different than mine, but I enjoy hearing about your lives, your issues, your kids, your concerns, etc. I have an old dear friend -- divorced with 2 kids -- who really doesn't think about the world affairs very much. She rolls her eyes whenever I get involved with another campaign or cause. She's been telling me for years, and I believed her, that I didn't understand that mothers simply don't have the time to read the papers or watch the news. Naturally I have some friends who have kids who are aware, but I figured THEY were the minority. I am happy to have learned through the blogosphere that she's wrong. I have learned that women have more in common than I realized.

  5. Gal- I hear what you are saying, so true about finding out that there are people out there that you wouldn't think you would have a thing in common and surprise! My whole blue and red state thoughts have become more purple, which is good. I just hope I can keep my kids involved in learning about politics.

  6. Happy BlogAnniversary!

    I never would have met you or Shelly without blogging and for that I am so thankful.

    I also get some great inspiration from fellow knit/bloggers - I am trying to stretch myself a bit.

    Woah - you knit sweaters - you are talented beyond me and I knew you were holding!

    Happy Blogging, knitting, crocheting to you!

  7. I have been wanting to pick up knitting again. I start doing when I was younger but never got super into it. I really want to

  8. Oh, girl! Thanks for the link love and Happy Bloggiversary. Yep, that crocheting for charity has taken me away from the writing, but worse the reading! I miss that reading, and am trying to get back into it.
    Your knitting is sooo cool! I have been trying to remember how to knit, and have been using big needles to make some scarves. Sweaters is way out of my league.
    What can happen when you blog? I learned that people have an enormous capacity to give! The generosity I have seen has astounded me.
    Meeting you and Tea was one of the best things that has happened to me, and you both inspire me.

  9. That was supposed to be This Eclectic Life. I hate Blogger comment boxes...sorry

  10. Congrats on the year of blogging!!

    Just wanted to say thanks for the plug! ;)

  11. Happy Blogoversary, Jenny! Good to hear about your renewed knitting/crocheting. And the story of the little shared square that grew is very humbling and exciting.

    My blog has absolutely transformed me. My long-neglected poetry has been re-awakened by Rhian with her Poetry Train Mondays. My fiction writing is churning along with the daily writing habit from blogging. And best of all - I've made such fantastic blog friends from all over the world.

  12. Congratulations on your anniversary! You certainly have been busy -- ! And I have really enjoyed meeting so many different people all over the world thru blogging -- I've learned so much!


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