Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And Then The Novelty of Snow Wore Off

"Hey wasn't that tree just in this room earlier this winter with lots of pretty lights ? Where's the birds, where is that chipmunk? Damm, it looks cold out there..." If only cats could talk.

Enough, it's not pretty anymore...the streets are narrowing...the snow banks are tall enough...frost heaves...pot holes and ice, oh my.

Chipmunk by bird feeder
Chipmunk tormenting the cats, I do hope he figures out that we now have an owl hanging out in our yard....

Roof envy: When you drive by houses and look at the roof to determine peak and style for the least amount of snow.

Driveway envy: Wow, tar, I am impressed.

It's been a long winter.


  1. Great to see you blogging again!!!!!!!!!!

    I imagined you snowed in with no electricity to come and blog. Missed you!

    NOW, I don't feel one bit sorry for you and all your snow. That's because you have been very selfish and not shared some with me!!!!!!!!!!! It' all your fault because . . . Did I ever tell you how much I love snow?

  2. Hey, look who's back!

    I hadn't thought about it from the cats' POV before. The most popular feline perch in my household looks right into the branches of a huge tree. (I live on the 4th floor.) They still look, but there are no blowing leaves, no birds and I think even the squirrels have decamped. I wonder what's going through those plum pit sized brains of theirs …

  3. Snow stops looking pretty right around January 2

  4. I'm with you - our snow is getting to be really annoying. Our yard is so full, we're running out of places to blow it to.

    We've had a few melting days now and everything is in that awful brown/black crisp white snow banks to daydream by now.

  5. I'm with you, sick and tired of the fn snow. ;)


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