Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thurday 13, #42- 13 Things to do besides Blogging

Here are 13 things to do besides blogging once you get on the computer. Let's just call it exploring versus procrastination....

1. Learn how to use fireworks instead of spending 30 minutes making the above graphic which I did two weeks ago.

2. Open up Google Reader to read all the blogs that I have been lurking on rather than reading and commenting.

3. Start my own little city--> check out my blog from yesterday and please, do click on this link to my little city to visit.

4. Leave a silly comment at my city.

5. Play Bubble shooter until you see bubbles in your sleep. ( Warning-- Do not go to this site if you are into addictive games.)

6. Here's another strange game to waste a lot of time on. I am embarrassed to admit that I played Filler for 2 hours since my browser was slowing down which made it easy to win. Think Quix with bubbles.

7. Go to craft blogs and look at some really ugly crochet patterns at sites such as What not to Crochet

8. Or look at What not to Knit

9. Actually go to a blog like Inspiration Bit learn more about color and realize how much I forget so quickly.

10. Go play lots of spades at

11. Return back to Crochet Cabana to make sure that I am whipstitching Grannie Squares together correctly for Shelly's Share a Square project. (If you can crochet, she's looking for people to crochet the black rim around the squares- it's pretty easy.) I should have the afghan done by this weekend.

12. Drool over yarn at various websites. For example,Noro yarn which self stripes. If you buy yarn online, any good hints for bargains?

13. Go to Youtube and get excited for the upcoming Superbowl game by watching this video. It's worth watching to hear the singer with the Boston accent worm his way out of his attraction for Tom Brady.

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  1. Thanks for the link love, Jenny.
    I liked how you put it - exploration vs. procrastination :-) you actually made me feel better abut spending hours going through my rss reader, reading and commenting on my favourite blogs.

  2. Perfect, a TT of time wasters!

  3. #10 is a particular vice of mine. Pogo is addictive. Pogo is worse than the lottery. Pogo should be banned! Then I could write letters, scrub the bathroom floor, etc., instead of just promising myself, "one more hand … just one more hand …"

  4. I had better not look at Filler. It's the sort of thing I'd probably enjoy fa too much!

  5. I've been hanging at the Yellowstone Live Cam that's pointed at Old Faithful (usually). *blush*

  6. Super TT Jenny! :) Have a great week.

  7. LOL!! Great yet dangerous list.

  8. Neat. Well except for the last...GO GIANTS!


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