Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #36,13 reasons why I should update my blog

Here I am missing in action and a recent email from my son's girlfriend indicated that someone actually misses my blog. She was even creative enough to send me a list of 13 reasons why I should update my blog. Since I am in my hyper-obsessive reading mode, I am going to use "Beanie's" (my son's nickname for his girlfriend..) list this week and respond to some of the comments that she has made.
13 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Blog in a Timely Fashion
Submitted by "Beanie

1. You have new kittens and must post new pictures
Yes, true and here's the latest and cutest. However, they don't sit still and even though we consider them cute, all the attention was causing the other cats to have some insecurity issues....see below.

2. Playoffs are going on for High School football- keep the world informed
Alas, the team lost in the semi-finals which was no surprise, since they played the same kids offensively and defensively with minimal substitutions. Our team got tired and the other team is just plain awesome. Incredible running backs and quick play, is it okay to say that the opposing team was fun to watch?

3. You just had your anniversary- you should brag about it
Yep, 23 years and 15 of them happily, only kidding. We had a lovely meal out and hurried back to watch the Red Sox. Maybe next year we will go down Arkansas for a golf weekend.

4. Your oldest son has a creepy girlfriend who compulsively blog reads
Hmm, creepy girlfriend, well I have been known to read my kid's myspaces and their friend's live journals in my time, so who is creepier? And don't you have something to study?

5. The world wants you to be in touch with technology
Ah, but I have been in touch with technology, I went to blog earlier this week and discovered that I was running out of memory on my Ibook. Guess I should be taking my pictures in a lower resolution and now I have to go to Apple Support and figure out how to transfer my pictures to an external hard drive. Plus, I have to deal with two little fur balls who seem to think that my lap belongs to them, oh wait, what's that thing moving, mmm, that wire looks tasty, what's that knobby thing on the side? Can I chew it? Oh look, there's my brother, I just want to touch his tail....and so it goes.

6. Life can't seriously be THAT boring
Believe it or not, yes, it can be, or I get so wound up about a news story that I can't think straight. Or, could it possibly be that I am making gifts......who's being naughty or nice?

7. The Pats beat the Colts- and you have nothing to say about it
That was a pretty good game and according to my Dad who is in Florida, everybody hates the Patriots now. They are a pretty scary team and you know, I have grown to love Peyton Manning. He was a riot on Saturday night live and doesn't seem to take himself as seriously as the obnoxious football announcers do.

8. You will never win dishtowels by denying your readers their right to read blogs
Well Beanie---I didn't see you going over to Tea's to throw a vote or two or three or ten my way. I think I am over it, kind of and need to take that crazy guy off my side bar.

9. Pictures of bears are not nearly as cute as pictures of kittens
After seeing a bear up close on our bird feeder, I can agree with you there. I put up our bird feeders last week and I think I should have waited another week or two based on a recent letter to the editor. It seems that the bears around here are still hungry, just like cats.

10. Punky is eating kitten whiskers- that is totally notable
Yes, this is true and for all you cat people out there, have you ever had another cat chew down the other's whiskers? You may be able to see the result in the pictures, but we did catch our big boy black and white cleaning Stash's ears and face and then start chomping. This was after I had taken the kittens to the vet and pointed out the lack of facial whiskers and he asked if my kids were young, then we thought it was his sister doing the chewing. Doesn't seem to bother him and he still hangs out with all the cats.

11. Nothing is so enjoyable when procrastinating as reading a blog... and I have been unable to enjoy procrastinating for over a week
Well Beanie, when you are spending your hard earned money reading my blog rather than enjoying academic pursuits at school, maybe then I should feel good that I am allowing you to succeed in your studies (or provide you with more time to spend with your handsome boyfriend.)

12. News with the writers strike... do you really have no opinion about the lack of television shows in the near future?
I guess I don't have an opinion about television shows since I have been working a few evenings in the lab and I am not hooked on any one show. Plus, my husband can always find a college football game on somewhere.

13. You just should.
I know, but I have been kicking some serious butt playing QWERTY on pogo and am still trying to figure out why I lose so much at Canasta. Then there are the four crocheting or knitting projects that I have lying around the house, extra hours at work, checking out information about Fort Smith Arkansas to prepare for our move in four years and the day to day stuff. I have also read about 8 books in the last two weeks, most of them really good!
I promise to write more!

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  1. I visited 15 mins ago and nothing was there!!! I'm happy you are back!!!


  2. Funny list. Happy blogging. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

  3. You have got some GORGEOUS kittehs---what little cuties. But the whisker chewing is a new one on me. My cats do some very weird things, but I've not heard of that.

  4. Well, i am glad to know you haven't died. . . I missed you not posting. i checked daily.

    In the past ten days I have made 4 neck scarves, almost 2 cape shawls, started an afghan and am learning to crochet my dish rags straight. I also had time to go to storage and clean out 5 file cabinets and give them away on freecycle and go for a long walk on the Padden Parkway and spend two and half hours at Veterans parade and plan a one day retreat, and all the regular stuff like housecleaning and shopping and going to dentist and church and played Racehorse Pincohle with my group and and and. . . oh, almost forgot I did 4 loads of wash and it is all put away also.

    AND I STILL HAD TIME TO WRITE IN MY BLOG EVERYDAY and visit yours which you hadn't updated. :o(

    BTW, did I say, glad you are back??????

    re: your note on my blog. . . I used to live in upstate ny and we had 15 oak trees in the front yard. I raked the leaves in big piles and three kids jumped in them and I raked them again and sacked. Lots of work but o the memories!!!!!!

  5. I've been so pathetic in your absence! I come by, see that damn bear, and then sadly move on. Like Lassie, waiting for Timmy to come home from school …

    Love your comment about Creepy Girlfriend. And my, how helpful that kitten looks, lounging on your laptop! With such an adept assistant, I don't see why you don't update several times a day!

  6. That's funny and GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!

  7. Nice to see you back.

  8. Welcome Back!
    I did a Red Sox post you would enjoy...tee hee
    Adorable Kitty pics!
    Happy Anniversary!

    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT'ing!
    (")_ (")Š

  9. I'm so glad you're back, thank goodness for 'Beanie' for getting you posting again, what a creative girl she is!

    I was hoping you'd at least win runner up prize - I'm still hoping I can send you one - heck I may just send you one anyway, if you are willing to share your address that is.

    I know what you mean about knitting and getting Christmas projects done - lately when I am at home it's all I seem to be doing. I finally finished my MIL's shawl last night and now I have two other projects to finish and only 39 more days to go...... ACK!

    Have fun with your gift making!

  10. That's so strange about the whiskers!!! Did you find out why?

  11. Nice to see you back:) Nice lists!
    Mine is up here;
    Yen's TT
    Happy TT!

  12. Hey, if it wasnt for #4, I would have never known my son was up to no good and so was HIS creepy girlfriend. Dont knock it, you can find out alot there:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

  13. What a great idea for a TT - I may have to borrow it sometime. Love the picture of the laptop-sitting kitty!

  14. there is no harm in saying Wow those boys are good.

    I was disappointed in the lack of speaking about the Pats

  15. LOL Great list - glad you're back. The kitties are adorable and happy anniversary!

  16. If your son ever thinks about getting rid of Beanie, you should adopt her. She's great.

    So're you. I hope you'll stick around more. Kitten pictures rock!


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