Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Month of Change

When my kids were younger and involved in youth recreation sports, I loved November! It was the one month when we weren't rushing to practices or games. There was time to get ready for the holidays and it was just laid back.

Fast forward to now, second son is still playing football, his team made it to the finals. Unfortunately for him, he missed all of last week due to a vicious stomach bug that he got on Monday night after eating a full dinner. After making it back to school for two days, he came home Friday during practice and looked green, we missed the family pizza party and he slept from 6 pm to 8:30 the next morning. He had to sit out the game, all good though, it was an easy win and he will be ready to practice and play next week.

Since brothers do share sometimes, he was kind enough to share the bug with his younger brother and I got the call at work on Thursday to come get him at school. He was down for the count for two days. My husband and I have escaped the bug, and I like to think it was the copious use of lysol disinfectant spray on everything with multiple hand washing. Youngest had planned on racing today in a 5k and was smart enough to know that he had to take the weekend off.

My youngest (Bub) is still running after school to stay in shape for Nordic Skiing. And that's where the transition starts, here we are getting ready for winter. The leaves are getting raked, there's a fire in our woodstove, winter tires need to be put on the minivan and everyday there's another catalogue in the mailbox. Today we went to a ski sale where Bub got an early Christmas gift of a snowboard and a ski pass. We live about 25 minutes from a small mountain that kids like to hang out at and ski or snowboard. At 14, I'd rather he was outside doing something active than inside with the computer. It was nice that the young sales guys talked up real lessons and wearing a helmet, since I did not know what I was talking about.

To put a twist on it, my husband has accepted a new job with his old company. The pluses will be a much shorter commute without tolls, better benefits and he gets back his vacation. The minuses will be traveling to Arkansas frequently with us moving there after my youngest graduates high school. What do you think? Me and Arkansas, can you see it? The big plus for me, a longer golf season and I am still working on other pluses....


  1. I've been to Arkansas perhaps a dozen times. I know Hot Springs and Little Rock pretty well. The drive between Little Rock and Hot Springs is gorgeous. Little Rock, especially, has a lot going for it. I'm 110% City Mouse, so I've never seriously considered living in Arkansas, but I've enjoyed every vacation I've ever taken. I don't golf, but the Hot Springs spa I visit, The Arlington, is very proud of their golf course.

  2. Oh how yucky that a stomach bug landed at your house. I hope the boys are feeling better and are back to life as usual. That kind of stuff is just no fun at all.

    Can I see you in Arkansas? Sure! Home is any place you make it.

  3. Sorry about the illness at your house. . .

    I am happy for you all about your hubby's new job but am rather surprised that you ill be moving to the south. You can leave the Atlantic Ocean??????? It is nice that you can stay for son to graduate in one place. I moved when oldest son was a senior.

    I don't know much about Arkansas -- went there when I was traveling with family around us. I was 19. We went to Multifreesboro (sp) to hunt for diamonds since dad was a rock hound. We didn't find any and I have not been back, even to travel through that state. good luck!

  4. You can tell NH is a little bit different, because there actually are Nordic Ski teams

    no I cant see you yelling Soooey Pig, Sooey

  5. Stomach bug! Ich! Sorry your boys are so good at sharing!
    Arkansas? It depends on what part of the state, but it's quite beautiful there. I'd move to Eureka Springs (but it's a tourist town, and there wouldn't be any work. Sparky is so bad. You don't have to yell Soooey Pig, Sooey! :-)

  6. I know I am late, but I hope everyone is feeling better! Arkansas is not ALL bad, LOL. Since we live just west of OKC and all of my family lives in TN we drive across there frequently. There is still a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy, just in a milder climate. You will (sort of) be my neighbor:)


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