Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tag, I'm it, Five best nights

One Gal has tagged me with a new meme and since I totally used her as my writing influence this past Thursday due my lack of originality, I shall honor this meme by listing my 5 best nights.
The rules, list the 5 best nights
that you can recall and then
tag four other people
and see if the meme can continue.

Besides forgetting names of people and titles of books, dates are the next thing on my list to forget. But my first three are easy:

1. The Birth of my first son 10/1/87, after 22 hours of labor and the threat of pitocin, I finally had him at around 3 am in the morning. Memorable comment: He's right there, you can touch his head. Me: Get him out of me first....

2. The birth of my second son 1/14/91: Water broke at home, first son (3 years old) asked if I had peed my pants. I went in at 6:30 pm after my husband had supper and he was born at 1 am.

3. The birth of my third son 5/4/93: I was huge and the doctor called that morning to ask if I wanted to come in that night to have my water broken. I went in around 7 pm and labor started right away when the water broke, however, Top Gun was that night, so I hung out in bed to watch it. Nurses asked me I wanted to walk to get the labor going more, "No thank you, I'll wait after the movie..." I got up to walk, made it 10 feet and had the baby 45 minutes later.

4. Christmas Eve about 18 years ago, we all played Balderdash around the dining room table with all generations joining in and it was just a memorable evening for me.

5. College, May 1983 some frat party where I ended up with my husband and his friends and the rest is history.

So here are my tags and as always, tags are just tags, if you would like to write about your five memorable nights please send a comment my way:
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  1. Sounds like a good Meme - it will give me fodder for Monday, thanks for the tag.

  2. Let's see, I don't have any children, so that's out. I'm old and can't remember dates... kinda like you. I am going to plant flowers in the morning and I'm sure that once I start digging holes I'll start remembering things.

    It's funny as I was typing my comment, I could here myself telling myself that I'd never "forget tonight" unfortunately, I couldn't remember what is was that I wasn't going to forget.

    Thanks for the tag!

    Oh and if you want to send me some of those provocative poses, I'll see what I can do... (that ought to raise a couple of eyebrows). :D

  3. I will try to get the post finished tomorrow for the meme. . .

    I always crop my photos to resize them in Appleworks paint program so they aren't huge. That is where I add the copyright name also.

    You asked me those questions on my blog.

    I found out what the bird is. It is called Steller's Jay. You could read more about the link on Tnet where I asked Zhel but a lady replied with info. In other words I forgot to get the addy for the bird to put here. lol It is on tnet main board. Even tho I didn't get a good photo of the face, you can see more details of it than I first thought in my photos. I was surprised to read that it is not native to WA tho. . .

  4. #5 -- Was it romantic from the word "go?" Or were you buds first? (I love love stories.)

  5. Thanks for the tag! I will have to think on this one for a bit, but I will keep the ball rolling!

    I want to know the same as the gal herself about #5. :)

  6. So funny! I love how you could put a hilarious twist on the births of all your children. "Get him out of me first...", peeing in pants (does he know now it's water broke? is he horrified when he knew? hahahaha!) and waiting until Top Gun is finished before the third one! "Hang in there kid, mummy's watching movie..." HAHAHAHA!

    Oh, and you mentioned about blog that are about cupcakes. *gasp* Link? I'd love to visit it!

  7. Its always the frat parties! I love the Balderdash story and the Top Gun does have the freezing effect on women

  8. OK, so it's 19 days after you tagged me, but hey I got it done!


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