Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #28, What is going on in my life

Okay, so this Meme is a way to find out about other people through a list of 13. Well after 27 of these, I have hit a roadblock. I almost didn't write one and thought, well, there's a topic for you, so here are a few things that are going on that just got in the way of a totally, awesome, cool Thursday 13. I apologize in advance for the lack of originality.

1. After signing my name to class syllabi for my kids, I am just tired of writing.

2. So why does the school need all my medical insurance information for school forms? For Pete's sake, I work in a hospital and know that if a kid needs care, they will get it and the hospital will always get their money. I just feel it's an invasion of my privacy.

3. I visited my aunt twice this week and she has changed so much in two months. Alzheimer's sucks. But today she knew my name, so that made it a better visit than Monday's.

4. The good thing about visiting my aunt is that I get to talk to my cousin at night. At least I give her an objective person to talk to and I can get her laughing.

5. I volunteered to do the football roster for the cards and do you think that I could have people contact me after giving the coach handouts for the kids. Oh well, too bad for them if I spelt their kid's name wrong. Those that contacted me are all set.

6. Work, great review today, I am happy, love my job. Should perhaps cut back on the sarcasm, but it's me and really I have gotten better.............NOT.

7. Okay, so I love my job, but sometimes there are requests that just tick me off. Like some obscure office up north with 2 people in a study and they want normal ranges from us. HELLOOOOOO, that would be the set of numbers next to your patient's results and if you aren't going to take those, then I have to go in manually to get each one. So after getting only a couple, that task was given to one of my pals in the LIS...I think I owe her big, big, big time.

8. I went to a boot camp today for ladies in my hairdresser's yard. I still stink at pushups and I just know that after the 18 stations that was set up that I am going to be very sore tomorrow.

9. My husband pointed out to me that even though I am having hot flashes at night and turning on the fan in the middle of the night, that he is freaking freezing when he wakes up. So If I can get up and put on a fan, don't you think he could get up and put on a shirt?

10. School pictures are tomorrow and I have finally reached a point in my life where I don't want to fight about what my kids wear to their pictures. Middle son will be wearing his football shirt, since they have their first game this weekend. It's all good.

11. It's oh so very quiet without my eldest son here. I returned his library books tonight, and he had taken our advice and read In Cold Blood.

12. I have to pick up my youngest from Cross Country every day and on the first day I was there early and walked 3/4 mile around the track. The past two days, I brought a book, propped myself up to get comfy and read.

13. I am in the middle of reading The Last Girls and I just want to go read right now to find out what happens to them all.

Wish I could claim the cool header, but this one is from Samulli at Everybody lies. I will be around tomorrow checking out Thirteens, time to grab my book and hit the sack. I am figuring on 10 minutes of reading before my eyes say no more....
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  1. Great list and you're right, I work in a hospital too. We always seem to get paid one way or another. Sorry about your Aunt. My grandma lived with that disease for 12 years...its horrible. Happy TT.

  2. Great list and very eye appealing:)

  3. Interesting. . . BTW, I got my squirrels animated with the help of Battleship Ron on my blog. Stop by for a peek.

  4. Regardless of your block, it was a good post. I enjoyed it. Happy TT

  5. Anonymous2:37 AM

    Alzheimers does suck indeed... my mom has it and she is an entirely different person it seems.

    Mine is up at: 13 Bloomers

  6. Great 13!!

    My first 13 list is up!

  7. Sorry to read about your Aunt. It's a sad disease that runs on my husbands side of the family so we know it well. I had to laugh at the hot flash entry. Too funny! Great TT!

  8. #8 -- Well? Are you sore?

  9. I've got to totally agree with you: the man can get up and put on a shirt. You're right.

    Happy TT, babe! I'd say more, but then I'd babble, and that's just not a turn-on, now is it?

  10. Believe me, I am amazed that ANY of the many mommies who do this meme have time. You must all be extremely organized. Raising children isn't just a full-time job; it's more like holding down two jobs.

  11. nice list! Happy Thursday 13!

  12. Random lists are always good, when you can't come up with anything else (I've done it a couple of times now).

    Happy TT! :-)

  13. You know this was a great TT! It was like I did finally get to sit down and have tea with you.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

    I totally took an easy road today - this has been an extremely hectic work week.

  14. I can totally relate to #6!!!

  15. You're much stronger than I am, I can do an entire half of a push up :-)

  16. Your week sounds remarkably like mine--


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