Monday, August 13, 2007

Manic Monday: Drop

The Drop

How many times have I stood,
Wishing to fly if I could.
Only one way down
Where my friends frown
At my fear of the drop
And so I stay at the top
Where time will stop
Before I drop
The feeling of flight
For me is fright

It's Manic Monday time and Morgen at It's Blog Eat Blog World has the word DROP as the word of the day to write about. I realize that there are many people that enjoy that feeling of dropping, I am not in that group. So enjoy that jump out of the plane, rollercoasters and skiing, I am happy planted on the ground.


  1. I agree, I want my feet firmly planted on the ground!! Have a wonderful MM.

  2. LOL! Great post! I haven't been skiing in years. I just rode a huge coaster last week, and I am taking a plane in 4 days that I have NO plans on jumping from. ;)

  3. I don't want that kind of drop either. Well done. Have a great MM. :)

  4. Cute! I share that fear of fallings and a love of solid ground. Good description of the scary heights.

  5. Love to drop, but I do understand those kinds of feelings.

  6. It's been a since I've been on your blog!!
    Don't be afraid of the drop, it's incredible the feeling of freedom you feel when you are dropping!

  7. Hey, babe. This makes me think you're watching Shaun White or something. One of those snowboard X-game kids who just freaking FLY; they're so amazing. And that feeling I get when I watch them... you evoked that for me, too.

    Yeah, I know. The poem's about NOT being one of those people. But still, you evoked the opposite in me. Maybe it's because I long for it...

  8. It scares me too. But this verse works at many levels.

  9. Heights are one of those things i always THINK i should be scared of and avoid, and then i get up there and realize it's pretty cool. Falling now - that would kinda suck in my book. Grin! Great poem!

  10. That blog" word of week" sounds neat -- might look into it when I get moved. . . (I already enoy photo hunters word/photo now)

    Speaking of heights. I am moving to the 8th floor of an apartment building that has 9 floors. Beautiful view.

    Haven't seen you visit my blog lately . . .

  11. Great poem. I'm right there with you about not loving the big drops, but (back when I used to ski) I love those long gentle runs that take you from the top of the mountain all the way down. :)

  12. You and I both, girl! You are writing some fun poetry. I want to see you doing some more limericks!


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