Friday, August 10, 2007

Five Reaons why I think Sex and Blogging income is overrated

Ha, now that I have used one of the techniques of "successful blogging" titles to get your attention, I am totally not going to talk about Sex except to say that men think about it more than women.

In good fun, Shelly at This Eclectic Life had a 13 list this week of why Jessica,The Rock Chick over at This Rantastic Life should be on the A-List. Both bloggers write fun, witty blogs that are interesting and funny to read. When you comment on their blogs, there is a response, it's real person out in Illinois or Texas making a connection. Both bloggers are examples of why I blog, to make connections beyond my community. I love witty,sarcastic, off beat views of the world, but also enjoy reading about daily events outside my home. To me, reading about other parents' experiences with family life tells me that it's the same all around the world, we love our kids but boy do they ever keep us on our toes.

But back to the overrated blogs, do you realize how many blogging communities are out there just to increase links to your site and for what? To make money????? Cmon, if it sounds too good to be true then it's a here are my five reasons why blogging income is overrated.

  1. Money- Only a few will make the money, think about it, who really clicks on the ads?
  2. How many blogs do you read daily to find out how to improve your blog? Is it worth the real estate on your blog to put in their link?
  3. Do you really want to write posts all the time with lists?
  4. Don't you just want to read to learn and have a laugh or two.
  5. Income or fun? mmmm, I think I would rather see a TT13 of nekkid to near nekkid young good looking guys to a list of 13 ways to improve the rating of your blog.


  1. ROFLMAO! You are sooo funny. I'm glad you got a vacation, because you are back in rare form! Thanks for the kind words and for linking to Jessica. Big Bad Technorati has to be rassled with over these link and authority issues.

    Money? Yeah, we would all love to be making money on the internet, but you are right that no one clicks on ads. We become blind to them.

    Wait just a said men think about sex more than women (I beg to differ) and THEN you said you wanted to see NEKKID MEN!

    What on earth are we going to do with you!???

  2. Ok Jen how bout starting a nekkid men blog! I'll be reading.

    If I had to rely on making money from my blog I'd be in dire straights, heck I still only get a handful of hits a day. The ones I do get are keepers though.

  3. I'm a perimenopausal woman who thinks about sex... a lot, or rather wonders why I'm blogging so much instead of... okay, you probably get the point.

    You're right, where's the fun in reading a site on how to make money with your blog or increase your page ranking? In my mind page rank is a bit pie in the sky. I think we're all number 1! As for those little ads, I've never clicked on one and likely never will. If I see too many on a site, I generally don't stick around or visit again. Posts filled with links and obvious plugs for products the blogger likely never uses get a back arrow too. Who has the time? It feels invasive to have ads being shoved at me by other bloggers.

    I blog for fun and pleasure. I'm constantly delighted with the wonderful sites I discover and the amazing people behind the words.

    So, where are those nekkid men? I'll sit next to Janet and look at them too!

  4. I was looking forward to the sex versus blogging comparison. What a let down!

  5. Ok- I have checked out making $ by blogging, and I finally come to the conclusion... I would rather keep it as a hobby and have fun!

  6. Thank you, Jenny McB!!!

    I have ZERO desire to make money with my blog. Then it wouldn't be blogging, it would be work and it wouldn't be fun anymore!!

    Jessica The Rock Chick

  7. I almost didn't finish reading yoru blog because I have no interest in men's naked bodies presently. Ü

    I refuse to do the ads on my site --just clutters up the page. I tend to not return to many that have multiple ads to distract me.

    I like to write . . . thus the blog.

    Good to see you posting again -- have missed you but hope your vacation was super.

  8. Interesting post, I was just talking to my DH about it the other day. I know people are trying to make money out of their blogs and bless them for trying, but they become a big advertisement and therefore I am not interested.

    I never read for example a 'sponsored post' - and if I won't read them, why bother putting them on my blog.

    I want my blog to be a place where I can write about whatever I want, not what someone dictates.

    Now as for the nekkid men - why would you want to drool all over your!

  9. TRUTH IN ADVERTISING! Where's the sex? I haven't had any in a while and would find it comforting to know that it's become overrated in the interim.

    I hope it doesn't offend anyone, but I love my little Google Adsense ad. First of all, in just a little over a year, I've made MORE THAN $5 on click-throughs. Since they won't cut a check until I hit $50, at this rate I should be able to use my blogging income to pay for a few loads of wash at the Old Musers' Home. Then there's the amusement I get from trying to figure out how they decide which ad to run. So far, my favorite has been the one for Hillary Clinton Unclothed.

    Welcome back to the blogosphere, Jenny McB!

  10. I am with the Gal on the ad sense ads, it's just fun to see what gets linked to your site based on the blog topic!

  11. yep it all sounds like ponzi schemes. Ok, lets talk about golf and Tiger and how I can make my irons work as well as my driver.


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