Monday, July 09, 2007

Poetry Train- Just Another Manic Monday

Poetry Train time- The inspiration for this poem is still in it's spot, 12 hours later. I think it's time to do something,

Another dark spot on the once white,
Now speckled ceiling
with the remnants of melting snow,
smoke of winter fires
This new spot is not permanent,
It will not stay.
Unlike the smoke and water,
It will soon move on
once the cats have left the room.
It will fly about the reading lamp
and may linger by the closed window
Until a door is opened, the moth will stay,
Another dark spot on the ceiling.

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  1. Still there? That's too funny.

    Do your cats ever catch the bugs for you?

  2. These cats are challenged, seriously, they bat the bug around and if it gets caught in their paw, they look at it. I swear in their minds, they're thinking, how the hell did that get there?

  3. At least they try, my psychokitty just watches the dumb things scuttle around. Now that's lazy.

  4. That was a surprising ending. . . I thought it was a fly.

  5. I don't have the excuse of cats, Sumo baby likes to chase bugs ... probably would eat them too if I didn't stop him.

    My saying is if he doesn't eat, don't you eat. Of course he eats mud ....

    Great poem.

  6. Jenny, that's great!

    I can loan you one of my cats, so long as you don't let her eat anything she catches. The protein's bad for her IBD.

    Thanks for the laugh. I'm sore after a day at the pool; I needed it.

  7. Hehehe, I was just thinking that I needed to get some moth balls for my closet today. I saw three of them flying around.

  8. I love this one, especially since I just killed another bug for the cats who cant fly, but think they can

  9. Oh, man! You have a moth and the cats haven't torn the house down? I would have no drapes left. LOL! Wonderful poetry, Jen. You missed your calling!


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