Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Not going to win the Mom Award this Week

This picture would be the hole that we had to skip since the four guys in front of us were taking so freaking long to look for their balls. (LOL- wouldn't you love to have a comment about that line?)It's one thing to be slow, but part of golf is the etiquette, which these guys were lacking. We were only playing nine holes but the first three took forever.

Okay, so back to the title of the post which in a round about way related to playing golf this afternoon. I went into work early, so I could be home for middle son to go to work. Since my friends and I weren't able to play golf on Sunday due to one thunderstorm after another we decided to go out this afternoon. I got home at 6:45 pm expecting the rest of the family to have eaten their dinner before the youngest basketball game. Wouldn't you know it!!! They haven't eaten yet, there goes that relaxing feeling of coming home to a self sufficient household. I did have the 19 y/o wave his arms, so I know that they are working. Husband is off to the basketball game with youngest and here I sit with my Corona....do I or don't I make a salad for them. Feeling kind of mellow right now...but that angel on my shoulder is whispering to me, " Get up you lazy bum and make something for dinner" and the devil on my shoulder is yelling, " Chill, peace out, it's all good". MMM, what to do, what to do....

So I am thinking that the TT13 may be a little risque this week, if I take my kids' suggestion from last week. And oh by the way, they are still being awesome and I am loving it. So I guess you know who I am going to listen to and what I am going to do next....


  1. Now I can't wait to see this risque post!

  2. Oh, is it the TT we discussed earlier? I hope so. I'm such a vulgar, trashy gal.

    I hope you didn't harsh your Corona buzz with salad tossing. 19 is old enough to find sustenance somewhere in the kitchen, and every mom deserves to kick back now and again. It's summertime, and the living is easy, after all.

    Of course, I am the daughter of a woman who never cooked if she could avoid it. She's warm, loving, organized and has great integrity, but when it comes to cooking, she resembles Cher in "Mermaids." Remember Fun Finger Foods? That's her. So my expectations of my mom in this area were always pretty low.

  3. Maybe those fellows didn't have any ball to find, that's what was taken so long.

  4. hmmm looks like a Par 4

    I do hope you had them fend for themselves, they have to learn sometime you know.

  5. I wonder if Corona would make a good salad dressing? Probably!!! I actually imbibed in a "Coronita" (the little bottles) yesterday! I just love them with a lime!!

    A sandwich for dinner once in a while won't hurt anybody. Heck, even popcorn for dinner once in a blue moon sounds good to me!!

    I will definitely be back tomorrow to see your risquee post :)


  6. Consider this: I went to the pediatrician whipped up because I knew I wasn't giving my kids THREE HEALTHY, WELL BALANCED meals a day. He asked me: Do they eat a fair breakfast? "Yes," said I. Do they either have a healthy lunch or dinner? "Usually a good lunch," said I. His answer: YOUR JOB IS DONE. If you can get 2 decent meals into a kid, you are Mom of the Year.

    Besides, now that they are older, they should start practicing making sure YOU have a good meal!!

  7. I really loved the part about the waving of arms -- I think I will try that one myself - or some variant that might involve ears (listening)- maybe record something to sneak onto their iPods at night that will play in the middle of the shuffle - "Mom really does love it when you put your dirty dishes IN the dishwasher" and maybe add a big wet kissy sound for effect???... hmmm the ideas are just coming faster than I can type them.

    I realize you have boys - but... my kids actually help with dinner OFTEN - I'm a good cook, I like cooking, my oldest daughter is a good cook, she likes cooking and offers without being asked frequently if she can fix dinner - the son, not so much into offering, but if I have the stuff available for stuff he can make (which G-d bless all that is beautiful in the Universe, includes Eggs Benedict - the poaching, the hollandaise, all of it!), he will cook for me when I am truly in need of it (ie. tough day, must drink this beer now while it is cold) - he will also rub my feet, what a good boy is he! -- the youngest, she will gladly cook, in fact she will gladly BEGIN almost any chore - but, she will lose focus and forget she's doing it and not measure the ingredients or substitute without asking or just plain oops forgot the baking powder, or "oh yeah, I should turn the oven on"... bless her she's much better at cooking WITH someone

  8. Can I have some of the fair dust you are obviously using on your children?

  9. What an interesting life you lead. It is good to see you blogging again -- have missed your posts.

  10. I must take the kids golfing. But, no I don't agree with you - you are always the Mom of the year -- we all are.


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